Zongzi’s Journey, Richard Sentieri

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A story about not giving up on life. This anti-suicide story follows Zongzi through fatal life choices searching for his ladylove, Jane. By way of dreamscapes and time travel he continues with help from his friends and a wolf. 

Filled with poetry and dreamscapes the road is long and uphill. Filling his heart with love Zongzi plows a path to his ladylove, Jane. Can he overcome being used by friends to find peace or will he lose all hope?
Zongzi’s Journey: New Paranormal Love Story Proves Importance of Never Giving Up on Life.

Written to provide solace to people in their dire moment of need, Richard Sentieri’s latest book fuses the powerful world of the paranormal with a deep and unshakable love story. With such a valuable message, the story is set to resonate with readers around the world.

The benefits of the paranormal have long interested humans, even the scientists who fail to explain why such experiences occur. Aside from being a fascinating and intriguing subject, the paranormal is also credited with saving millions of lives through enriching experiences.

Zongzi’s Journey is a deeply moving, poignant book that will have the ability to change lives and inspire those who struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts through the power of literature. Zongzi’s Journey is a unique book because although it is classified as paranormal fiction/romance, it is also a novel that could be considered a self-help/motivational guidebook. Already I am sure that this intrigues you but just wait until you read about the premise of this story!

Zongzi’s Journey is a novel that everybody should read, especially those that struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts. The story of this book is one that stresses the importance of never giving up on life, even when life seems to be working against you. The story is an anti-suicide one that follows Zongzi on his journey as he searched for his love, Jane. What happens next is a gripping, paranormal love story that will fill your heart and warm you to your core. The reader will experience time travel as well as a powerful love which knows no bounds and book lovers, it makes for a truly stunning read that should not be missed.

The story of Zongzi’s Journey is one that should not be dismissed… not now and not ever because of its poignancy and its ability to move its readers. The core theme laced throughout the story of this book is one of never giving up and finding yourself. Depression is real and so is suicide but sadly not many people wish to discuss these topics. Granted, they can be difficult to discuss but they are still incredibly important and so I thank the exceptional author, Richard Sentieri for writing such a profound story.

Richard Sentieri is a flawless writer whose narration of Zongzi is impeccable. His narrative will grab the reader by the heart and captivate them to read the whole way through with little breaks. The fact that this story is so compelling shows us, readers, that the author’s words are incredible and they most certainly are.
As Zongzi’s Journey is a gripping, poignant and entertaining story that will have the ability to entertain, charm and inspire its readers and even help some, I have no choice but to award this book a fantastic Five Stars as it truly deserves it.

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Amazon U.S. / Amazon U.K. / Goodreads 

Richard Sentieri: Website / Facebook 

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