Truth Over Shame: Rising Above the Stigma of Depression, Michael J. Chase

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In Michael J. Chase’s emotionally charged memoir, he explains how our most significant moments of pain can lead us toward a life that is bitter . . . or one that is undeniably better. By choosing to see any crisis, big or small, as the precursor to courage, resilience and especially, truth, we discover the meaning behind suffering: To evolve spiritually, deepen our compassion and use our experiences to make life better for ourselves and others.
Written with raw emotion and vulnerability, Chase chronicles his journey into darkness, revealing how he escaped the grip of severe depression; turned despair into strength, and in the end, proves that just because you’ve had a dark past, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a bright future.

Truth Over Shame: Rise Above the Stigma of Depression is a poignant, moving, and compelling piece of nonfiction that will help, inspire and captivate its readers from the very start until the very end. Truth Over Shame is an influential, powerful book because it deals with the topic of depression; for those that have or are struggling with depression, will find this book incredibly useful and inspiring as it is written by somebody who has also struggled. For those that know somebody with or who have had depression will be enlightened and will understand this condition more and know that it is not as easy as you may think to just ‘get over it.’ Truth Over Shame is a moving memoir, one that all readers should have the pleasure of reading and so I have to recommend it to all of you lovely readers but if you need more convincing then read the rest of my review to learn more and this incredible book.

Truth Over Shame is an honest, powerful, and moving memoir written by Michael J. Chase. Michael, like many others, has suffered from depression throughout his life and in his memoir, Truth Over Shame he poignantly and honestly shares his journey with his readers to help and inform them about depression. It is true that there is a stigma attached to Depression, even more so for men, I have heard many statements such as ‘just man up’ if a man expresses that he suffers from depression and that is just the wrong attitude. Many men suffer in silence because of the stigma, and so I really admire the author of Truth Over Shame, Michael J. Chase for sharing his journey to show that it is ok to be sad, it is ok to be depressed, and lastly you can combat it. Throughout Truth Over Shame Michael shares the many methods, he practiced to try and beat his depression. Practices such as medication, therapy, and even meditation were some of the practices he practiced, and Michael throughout his book expressed how he felt about each approach and what worked best for him. The biggest takeaway the reader will get from the story is that you can combat and overcome depression and that you are not alone and that is a really beautiful and powerful message.

Truth Over Shame is an exceptional book not only for the author’s candor but also the information he has so expertly laced throughout the book. The information will help readers with their depression as well as inform readers on depression and how it works and how it can affect your life and I really appreciate Michael for sharing this information as it is critical to readjust peoples attitudes towards depression.

Michael J. Chase is a remarkable person for two reasons, the first is because he is honest and brave to write his story and the second is because he is an exceptionally talented author. His impeccable writing is a joy to read and flows beautifully throughout so that the reader will feel compelled to read non-stop. He is a pure literary talent, and so I applaud him for being so brilliant!

Overall Truth Over Shame is an this insightful, informative, inspiring book and I would say if you are a reader who is interested in the topic of depression and coming out the other side, then this book is for you. Truth Over Shame gets five stars from me! Be sure to have a read of the preview below book lovers and keep an eye out for my spotlight for Michael J. Chase!

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Michael J. Chase: Website

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