The Three Souls, Bill Thomas

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The Three Souls is about Johnny Chambers who is falsely convicted of a crime. The time frame is 1961 and Johnny is 
in a Texas Penitentiary. While in prison Johnny meets two prisoners who he decides are Vincent Van Gogh and Amadeus Mozart reincarnated. Johnny hatches a plan to let them work on their art in prison while trying to secure release from the Warden. The Warden goes along with the plan for awhile but then decides to take their art and cash in on their talent. Johnny decides it is time to leave the prison and plans an escape to grab their art and leave with the reincarnated prisoners. He enlists help from other inmates and they stowaway on big truck that is leaving the prison. The prison escape is successful, but they have to face the warden and try to recover Johnny’s wife, Kitty.

The Three Souls is a remarkable story that is incredibly unique and stand out amongst the fiction crowd. As I read The Three Souls I was shocked as well as surprised time and time again and this is thanks to Bill Thomas, the exceptional author of this book. Thomas manages to with ease draw his reader in with his fascinating story as well as keep them hooked with his superb literature. If you are a reader who is looking to read a brilliant book that is going to keep you entertained for hours on end then The Three Souls is the book for you! However, if you need more convincing, then please read the rest of my review so that you can learn more about this marvelous book!

The Three Souls is an incredible story set in the 1960’s which follows the male protagonist of the story, Johnny Chambers. Johnny is your average man who is a trucker who works hard day in and day out to provide for his family. His wife, who equally works hard has sadly lost her job due to a ‘rumor’ that she has stolen cash from the till and when she does lose her job, the first action she takes is to call her husband and let him know. Johnny, although disappointed is not angry because he knows that he still has a job and his wife will get a new one. Well, Johnny’s positivity soon changes when he loses his job and finds himself thrown in jail. Johnny is a law-abiding citizen, however, he is too kind and when he loaned a car to somebody, the car is used for armed robbery and because his gun was inside the car, Johnny is soon convicted and this is the point in the novel where the story really takes off.

Once inside, Johnny meets two people called David Madejas and Vinny LePugh and Johnny realizes that these two souls have something in common and that is a near-death experience. Upon getting to know them more, Johnny comes to the conclusion that Vinny is the reincarnation of VanGogh and David is the reincarnation of Mozart. I know what you book lovers are thinking, “ this is insane!” but as insane as it might at first seem, it is thrilling and very plausible as these two gems do possess the talents of these two greats. The reader will soon follow the trio as they try to use their wits to be released from prison and this book lovers is the short premise of a compelling, memorable story!

The story of The Three Souls is unlike anything I have read before and this is because there are no books on the market with themes such as the ones laced throughout this book! Well, none that I know of anyway! That is why, one of the many reasons why, that The Three Souls is a special novel that should not be missed thanks to its brilliance courtesy of the amazing author, Bill Thomas.

Bill Thomas is an author whose work I am in awe of. Thomas’s creativity and originality laced throughout this book will engross his readers for many hours on end. The originality within his book is superb and this combined with his phenomenal literature is enough to entertain readers for many hours… I know I was! As The Three Souls is a brilliant, unique and exciting book, I have no choice but to award this stunning piece of fiction a dazzling five stars!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much and love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please, comment below and let me know your thoughts on The Three Souls; do you see yourself reading this book? Let me know all of those brilliant thoughts of yours below! Thank you so much again for reading!

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