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Have you ever wondered, “Who really was Thomas Jefferson?” History books tell us he was a brilliant scholar, violinist, surveyor, astronomer, lawyer, planter, bibliophile, architect, founding father, statesman, governor of Virginia, ambassador to France, Secretary under George Washington, Vice-President under John Adams, 3rd U.S. president, scientist, natural philosopher, family man, and sage. So much is known and written about Thomas Jefferson from the drafting of the Declaration of Independence until his death, but little was known about his first 31 years of life, until now. Thomas Jefferson-From Boy to Man is a biographical, autobiographical, and historically accurate account of Jefferson’s journey to manhood…an era that was virtually “in the shadows”. You will read about his ancestry, childhood, adolescence, family, friends, boarding schools, family deaths, college years, romance, law practice, fire, earthquakes, flood, and more. It is partially written in journal form and supplemented with background text to further inform the reader. It includes over 60 photos, many rare, to help enhance the reader’s imagination. Thomas Jefferson-From Boy to Man provides personal information about our iconic founding father that will help unlock the mystery that surrounds Virginia’s most beloved son. As you read about Thomas Jefferson, the boy, you will realize how his early life years helped shape the personality, character, intellect, morals, and religious beliefs of Jefferson, the man. The book is filled with emotion, humor, personal reflection, and fanciful imagery, and includes many authentic quotes within the journal entries. Many say that Thomas Jefferson was complicated. I say, “In order to understand the man, it is important to learn about the boy.” Read Thomas Jefferson-From Boy to Man and unlock the mystery. Thomas Jefferson-From Boy to Man is also in audio book. It is the interpretive performance of British voice actor, James Brinkley. Young Thomas Jefferson is read by Alexander Brinkley. Violin music is performed by Eun-Mee Ahn Brinkley. Mrs. Drummond is read by Christina Rideout. The Dedication and Closing Remarks are read by Author, Jayne D’Alessandro-Cox.

Thomas Jefferson is a prominent figure in American history that has fascinated me since I was young. Jefferson was one of America’s founding fathers and having a passion for learning about American history has meant over the years that I have researched his life and read many books about him. However, of all the books I had discovered previously, I had never found a book about Jefferson’s personal life and how he was when he was younger, so when I discovered Thomas Jefferson – From Boy to Man I was thrilled because finally with this book I get to learn more about Jefferson on a personal level which is brilliant!

Thomas Jefferson is a fascinating figure in history who was a founding father who is best known for being the author of the Declaration of the Independence. Jefferson done incredible things for America and that is why I admire his work and why I love to read and learn more about him and Jayne D’Alessandro Cox, the author of Thomas Jefferson-From Boy to Man, perfectly informs the reader from start to finish and provides rare insight into the life and even childhood of a pivotal figure in American history.

Throughout Thomas Jefferson-From Boy to Man, Jayne will inform readers on who Thomas Jefferson really was, which takes the reader on a tour through his life from childhood to adulthood and the many prominent moments in his life. Many books have been written on Jefferson, however, the books usually only describe his later life and what he accomplished for America but Jayne takes the reader back further and explored the first 31 years of his life, and the insight the reader is provided with is insightful as well as fascinating. The reader will learn about the deaths within Jefferson’s family, his ancestry, childhood, friends and family and so much more and the result of this is a vivid picture of the life of Thomas Jefferson. The literature, however, is combined with over sixty photographs, many of them rare and these photographs combined with the phenomenal writing make Thomas Jefferson-From Boy to Man an incredible read that should not be missed.

Thomas Jefferson-From Boy to Man is a fascinating book that took me on a personal journey as well as a political one that shared many insights and facts that I had not previously known about. This made Thomas Jefferson-From Boy to Man a fascinating read for me because I was learning as I was reading and this compelled me to turn the pages even faster! What also made me turn the pages incredibly fast was Jayne’s flawless literature that flowed beautifully from start to finish. With many history books the writing can become tough to read, and almost stagnant thanks to the wealth of information authors usually include but this was not an issue with Thomas Jefferson-From Boy to Man. Instead Jayne still ensured that a wealth of information was laced throughout Thomas Jefferson-From Boy to Man, but she also makes sure the reader is entertained and that the book can be easily read and understood and Jayne accomplished this from start to finish.

Overall Thomas Jefferson-From Boy to Man is an incredible, informative and entertaining history book that will fascinate and intrigue readers from start to finish and so I have to award this book five stars! So please book lovers, have a read of the preview below, you will not regret it!

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