The Sibold Effect, John David Miller

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Fifteen years ago while in Papua New Guinea, I purchased a piece of property deep in the Appalachian Mountains I had never seen and knew nothing about. After closing, I discovered my mother’s maiden name written on the bottom corner of the plat. This led to the shocking discovery that the piece property I just bought site unseen was connected to George Washington, the French and Indian War, the Drapers Meadow Massacre, Cherokee warriors, and three of my first generation grandfathers. I knew then it was no accident that I came to be here.

The Sibold Effect will describe in detail exactly who brought me to this enchanted place and why. It will reveal a supernatural conspiracy plotting to expose what has  been buried under the graves of my grandfathers for thousands of years. This is a true story.

The Sibold Effect by John David Miller is a thrilling and engaging historical mystery that took me on a journey I will never forget. I absolutely love how awe-inspiring John David Miller’s intricately detailed depictions of the deep Virginian Appalachians are, actually transporting me from my home straight into the pages!  To do just that is no small task for any author, yet John David Miller does so with grace and intelligence showing what an incredibly talented author he is who should not be missed! I couldn’t get enough of the sophisticated labyrinth tying together an unearthed past rich in the nations history, thick with a supernatural force that will not be ignored.

Fifteen years ago in Papua New Guinea, John David Miller purchased a piece of land in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains that would change him irrevocably. After closing, Miller came upon his mothers maiden name on the bottom corner of his newly acquired property. This improbable discovery would lead him on a shocking path back through history to three of Miller’s first generation grandfathers,  George Washington, the French and Indian War, Cherokee warriors,  and the Drapers Meadow Massacre.  The spirit of this land and his ancestors have brought John David Miller to this enchanting place, pushing him to buy this land sight unseen. The supernatural have conspired to unearth the secrets buried beneath the graves of his grandfathers.  The events that will unfold are as chilling as they are true.

The Sibold Effect by John David Miller is a fascinating and bewitching piece of literature that will push the boundaries of reality and make any reader question the very fabric of the world we live in! The Sibold Effect sunk into my marrow, I needed to know how everything would unfurl, each new twist and turn keeping the storyline unpredictable.  I was on the edge of my seat, hair standing on end through to the extraordinary and quite surprising end! The Sibold Effect by John David Miller fuses together the perfect balance of history, a surreal and compelling narrative, with John David Miller’s surgical precision in research; both informative and entertaining.

John David Miller speaks to us, enamored readers, as an old friend relinquishing a mesmerizing tale we can’t get enough of! He painstakingly recreates his ancestral home in striking and ethereal detail. John David Miller has a complex and inviting writing style that is as engrossing as it is delightful! I love how he further drives home the mystery and wonder of his dazzling spectral land with photographs and illustrations added throughout the entire novel. The images coalesce together with his spine-tingling narrative to create an eerie ambiance that will shake you to your core! John David Miller is an exceptional author who is triumphant in creating a unique mind-bending experience in an all to derivative paranormal market!

The Sibold Effect by John David Miller is an exceptional paranormal mystery that spins together an unusual set of circumstances that lead us on a compelling journey to an undeniable truth that will open even the most closed of eyes! From the moment I first picked up The Sibold Effect I was hooked line and sinker, unable to turn the pages fast enough, thrilled by the volume of information researched and local lore, engaging storytelling, tethered with stunning visual aids! The Sibold Effect by John David Miller is a must read, Miller has created a flawless epic book retelling his chilling ghostly tale. The Sibold Effect by John David Miller is a sensational and captivating piece of literature I unquestionably award five stars!

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John David Miller

Thanks Aimee for this wonderful review! The most gratifying thing that an author can hear from a reader, or a reviewer in this case, is the same expression of emotion from reading it as the author felt while writing it. For those who may be curious to see what all the hoopla is about, you can find my book on Amazon, IBooks, or a signed copy at my website: Retailers can find it through Ingram Sparks. Thanks again for your great review!

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