The Shadow Ryana, C.R. Daems

Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Literature & Fiction, Magic & Sword and Sorcery

Ryana, a worthless girl-child, is sold to a mysterious woman who takes her to the home of the Shadow Sisters who are prized for their abilities as spies and assassins. She survives years of training in spite of being unconventional: adopting poisonous bats as familiars–something no one else would dare to do; choosing the blow dart as her weapon of choice–a weapon the Sisters don’t teach; and relying on intuition rather than logic.

As she completes her training, the Shadow Sisters are under attack. The senior Sister selects Ryana to find out who is killing Sisters and why–because her intuitive approach has proved effective, even though her youth and inexperience makes it unlikely she can survive.

As she travels through the kingdom as a member of a gypsy clan, she finds the only way she can protect the Sisters and hope to discover the underlying plot is through ever more violence and killing. As she proceeds through the provinces, her secret enemies come to call her the Sister of Death and become desperate to find and kill her. But in her desperate fight to protect the Sisterhood, the gypsies she’s come to love, and the kingdom, Ryana fears that she has destroyed herself and the only life she ever wanted.

The Shadow Ryana by C.R. Daems is a riveting fantasy novel I fell in love with immediately. The Shadow Ryana kept me on the edge of my seat as C.R. Daems marvelous plot unfurls with exciting unpredictability until the astonishing end! I was enthralled by the thrilling ambiance of suspense and danger as Ryana struggles to survive increasingly more treacherous circumstances with the fate of the kingdom and everything she loves resting on her shoulders. The Shadow Ryana by C.R. Daems is an electrifying fantasy novel that will entice and entertain any reader which should not be missed!

Ryana is sold to a strange woman who will change the course of her life irrevocably. She will become a Shadow Sister if she can survive her training. As she completes her years of training, despite some rather unorthodox methods; adopting poisonous bats for familiars and mastering blow darts as her weapon of choice, Ryana is selected by a senior Sister to uncover the identity of the elusive killer targeting the Sisters. Once a worthless girl, a child undeserving of even food, now a young but intuitive assassin chosen to unfurl a deadly plot. Ryana travels the Kingdom as a gypsy in a clan; she will grow to love, where she finds the path to expose the devastating scheme and protect her Sisters is sheathed in perilous bloodshed. Ryana is known to her mysterious enemies as the Sister of Death, and they seek her death above all others. Can Ryana save the Kingdom, the gypsies she loves, and protect the sisterhood, or has she already destroyed herself?

The Shadow Ryana by C.R. Daems is a tantalizing work of fiction I couldn’t put down! The suspense begins right away on the very first page, compelling us, voracious readers, forward on a harrowing journey with unforeseen dangers lurking in the most unsuspecting of places. The Shadow Ryana by C.R. Daems effortlessly weaves the rise of a valueless child to a superior assassin in a superbly spine-tingling narrative which shows what an exceptionally talented author he is!

C.R. Daems is an unparalleled fantasy author.  He has created a chilling world in breathtaking detail that will excite any audience! C.R. Daems draws us in with his intelligent and fast-paced writing style that he uses to brilliantly interlace an intricate narrative brimming with unforeseen twists and turns laced in action and suspense that filled me with intrigue and kept the pages turning of their own accord! I love how C.R. Daems keeps us, beloved readers, hanging on by a thread as he flawlessly unravels the sophisticated web he has created in mesmerizing detail.

The Shadow Ryana by C.R. Daems is a sensational work of fantasy I wholeheartedly enjoyed! I was drawn in by the perseverance of our unconventional protagonists, who was able to succeed in the most daunting of situations.  I love the incredibly detailed characterization, coupled with an alluring narrative, and remarkable storytelling that truly brings the characters out of the pages and to life! I was engrossed in The Shadow Ryana by, the phenomenally talented author, C.R. Daems from the moment I laid my eyes on the cover, a perilous journey and the desperate fight for an uncertain future. The Shadow Ryana by C.R. Daems is an extraordinary piece of literature I incontestably and enthusiastically award five stars!

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