The Secrets of Westborough Hall, Felicity Knight

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In 1936, Thea Cavendish has a rude awakening when she discovers the death of her father in the newspaper and the double life he led.
Banned from his funeral, she secretly attends his internment, where she meets her half-brother, the new Earl of Westborough, Piers Devine.
She is welcomed into the Devine Family by Piers but is shunned by the Dowager Countess Clarissa Devine.
Over time a series of events lead her into the unravelling of her past origins, all played out against the backdrop of World War II.
Thea’s happiness will be ultimately defined by what she discovers when her own family give up their secrets…

The Secrets of Westborough Hall is an entertaining historical fiction novel that hooked me from the description alone. When I read the words ‘double life’ I was hooked because I love stories that feature this because I love an unraveling mystery and The Secrets of Westborough Hall is just that… an unraveling mystery that is full of many other exceptional themes… even romance! The story that unfolds is intriguing as well as charming and is guaranteed to keep readers entertained for many hours on end, and so that is why I am already going to recommend this gem of a book because you will not want to miss out on it!

The Secrets of Westborough Hall is set in 1936 and follows the protagonist of the novel, Thea Cavendish. Thea not far into the novel finds herself shocked when she opens her local newspaper to see a photo of her father, but the picture is there because it is under a death announcement. Thea is devastated by the news that her father has died but confused when she learns that in the newspaper they list him as the Earl of Westborough. Thea’s father has been living a double life, Thea is the daughter of his mistress, and she is technically a bastard child which will cause many complications for his ‘real’ family. Thea, despite being looked after financially by the family lawyer decides to do some digging into the life of her father and when she does she will encounter her half-brother called Piers Devine who has now become the new Earl of Westborough. Piers invites her into the family, and she is welcomed by him however she is not appreciated or welcomed by the rest of the family. What follows is an intriguing mystery, romance novel set against the backdrop of World War II, the result of the story on the reader is sheer delight so if you are looking to be enthralled by a story then The Secrets of Westborough Hall is for you!

The story of The Secrets of Westborough Hall is one that captivated me from the start thanks to the exceptional story that was well-developed and well thought out. Felicity Knight, the excellent author of the novel, has ensured that readers are thrust into the thick of the story from the start, making sure that no reader is bored and thinking of stopping reading. Knight instead quickly introduces the reader to the story as well as the key characters of the story, and by her doing this, it ensures that readers are entertained and turning the pages from beginning to end… I know I was!

Felicity Knight is a sensational author for many reasons, but the most superb quality of her literature is her flawless ability to transport her readers back in time. Not only does Knight transport her readers, but she also gives them the full experience of what the decade was like and how it was like living during World War II. As a woman who is obsessed with military history, I loved this, I loved feeling included in the reality of what happened, it was not only entertaining but poignant. Knight made me feel the emotions the characters were feeling thanks to her phenomenal characterization and this, combined with her incredible ability to transport readers ensured that I was entertained for many hours on end.

Overall The Secrets of Westborough Hall is a stunning, moving and thrilling read that captured my heart and ran off with it. If you are a reader who is looking to get lost in a historical fiction novel with romance themes then read The Secrets of Westborough Hall, you will not regret it! The Secrets of Westborough Hall, of course, gets a stellar five stars from me!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much, I love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please comment below and let me know your thoughts on The Secrets of Westborough Hall. Do you see yourself reading this book? Do you love the genre? Please let me know your brilliant thoughts below and I will be sure to comment back. Thank you so much again for reading!

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Felicity Knight: Website 

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