The Loose Ends Became Knots, Austin M. Hopkins

Abuse & Substance Abuse, Grief & Hardship, Memoir & Biography, NonFiction

In his debut book, Austin tells his story of emerging into young adulthood while surviving sexual violence and living with mental illness. His story is narrated through journal entries, poetry, and short stories.

The Loose Ends Became Knots is a profound, moving and remarkable memoir written by Austin M. Hopkins. Throughout The Loose Ends Became Knots Austin will take his readers on the journey of his life and the many terrible events he encountered. The story at times is heart-breaking, but it is also an uplifting one thanks to Austin’s incredible spirit and warm nature that will delight and inspire readers. The story, although difficult at times to read, flows beautifully and will captivate and hook readers from start to finish thanks to the compelling nature. Already I have to recommend this gem of a book but if you need to know more before you have a read of the preview below then continue to read to learn more about Austin’s story.

The Loose Ends Became Knots is a memoir written by the author and focus of the story, Austin M. Hopkins. Austin since a young age has experienced sexual violence and abuse and this, in turn, led to him struggling with his mental health. Throughout the book Austin will poignantly share his story in a moving and informative way, his story at times is incredibly upsetting, but at other times it is inspiring because this is one man’s journey in recovery and along the way he helps and guides his readers which they can apply in their own life. The Loose Ends Became Knots is a collection of Austin’s journals, poems, and even short stories and all of this is weaved perfectly to form Austin’s story which is moving, profound and inspirational.

Austin M. Hopkin’s story is heart-breaking, and anybody will be able to feel for Austin and what he went through. The abuse he endured was the worst kind imaginable, but I do not believe the abuse defines Austin. Austin is a survivor, and he is surviving thanks to his exceptional ability to keep moving forward despite everything he has endured. What I love about Hopkin’s book is the reasons he has written it, it will be clear to readers that Hopkins has written his book to create awareness amongst readers and non-readers and to help those that have struggled or are struggling with abuse all while trying to prevent sexual violence within the gay community.

Austin M. Hopkins is an inspirational man, and I believe all readers should take note of his character and try to apply the same attributes to their everyday life. My review so far has focused on Austin himself but I would love to now discuss his writing ability. The writing throughout the book is sensational, I am incredibly impressed by how well written the memoir is and how it managed to capture my attention from the start and keep me hooked until the very end. The sensitive approach to the story combined with brutally honest moments was a breath of fresh air and ensured that I was hooked from the start.

Overall The Loose Ends Became Knots is a moving, inspirational and informative book that will inspire as well as move its readers with the poignant themes explored, I, of course, have to award the touching book five stars! So please book lovers, do have a read of The Loose Ends Became Knots because it is a moving book that should not be missed.

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