The God Particle Conspiracy, Don Phelan

World-renowned astrophysicist, Dr. John Logan, and his protégé, Sarah Carmichael, have witnessed events which defy the laws of physics. Logan believes the gravitational anomalies are caused by man’s tinkering with the Higgs Boson Particle–the God Particle. Logan discovers that the anomalies are a byproduct of a scheme by corrupt politicians to hold the global economy hostage. His discovery is met with tragic consequences and he runs for his life. Sarah’s plan is simple. Find the professor, stay ahead of those who want them dead, and save the world. What could possibly go wrong?

The God Particle: Conspiracy is a novel that is going to change the thriller/action and adventure genre forever. Never before have I read such an in-depth, intriguing, thrilling story that had a genuine ability to captivate me within the first few pages. Don Phelan is the author of the magnificent The God Particle: Conspiracy and he wonderfully earns the title of ‘literary genius’ thanks to this latest work of his; Phelan has managed to weave themes which technically should not work well together however he does just that flawlessly. Phelan weaves theme together to contribute to a fantastic and unforgettable story that will have readers thinking about its plot and ending for weeks afterward.

Before I discuss the perfectly weaved themes of this novel, I would like to discuss how brilliant the plot of The God Particle: Conspiracy is and what a joy it has been to read. The story follows the beautiful Sarah Carmichael, an astrophysicist Ph.D. candidate who strives to do more, she seeks to help and better Earth, but she is faced with challenges along the way to her desired future. Sarah is met with prejudice throughout her studies, men do not take Sarah seriously as they believe that she is too beautiful to be a scientist and that the men should be left to the task at hand. However, Sarah does not stop working hard, and one day she witnesses a troubling act – two of the world’s most powerful men conspiring to steal America’s secret supercollider in the hope to bring down the global economy and cause chaos across the globe. Sarah is determined to not let this conspiracy become a reality, so she starts a mission to bring them down; however, this will not be easy as just about everybody is trying to stop her in her tracks and kill her.

The God Particle Conspiracy weaves another narrative with Sarah Carmichael’s, and this is Dr. John Logan, a renowned astrophysicist who is a mentor to Sarah. Dr. John Logan is having issues of his own as he witnesses a troubling event also, one that could cause chaos for the world and an apocalypse. Soon Sarah will discover her mentor’s findings, and she will have to save the world from a disaster and this is the premise of this sensational novel.

The multiple narratives in The God Particle: Conspiracy was a thrilling aspect and a brilliant addition to the story. The grand scope of this book and the action-packed plot kept me on the edge of my seat for hours on end and I believe that readers who adore thrillers, science fiction, and action-adventure novels will feel this way too. The themes masterfully weaved by Don Phelan ensures that no reader is left behind as all readers, from all genres will be able to find a quality they love in this book. Phelan manages to weave themes of science, action, prejudice, and lastly dystopia. All of these topics should not work well together but Phelan manages to make sure they do and that is one of the many reasons why he is a talented author who should be looked out for.

Don Phelan is not only a master storyteller for weaving great themes throughout his book, but Phelan is also a fantastic writer whose words gripped me from the get-go. Phelan is an author who I admire, I mostly admire him for his diversity but I also admire him for his effortless ability to hook me quickly and keep me engaged in the story until the very end. Phelan laces many tactics throughout his books but a few of those which stood out to me was his flawless ability at describing events, his brilliant characterization that made me invest in his characters and lastly his brisk writing that kept me hooked from beginning to end.

As a reader who has read hundreds of books, I like to think that I have an excellent eye for a brilliant book and The God Particle: Conspiracy is most certainly this. The God Particle Conspiracy is a book that will entertain all readers, specifically those who loves science fiction, thriller, and action-adventure novels. I could only award this book a five-star rating as this is what it deserves thanks to Don Phelan’s talent.

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