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Brandi Benson had only recently come into her new life as a soldier in the U.S. Army when she was sent to wartime Iraq, just months after basic training. She forms a mental picture of the threats she might face, composed of M16s, hand grenades, and land mines. Her first encounter with a dangerous threat comes during an aeroplane ride to a hospital in Germany and ironically propels her toward an internal battle that leaves her reeling in shock. To Brandi’s surprise, this threat does not appear in the form of men with machine guns, but on a medical scan that reads, Ewing’s Sarcoma. Once a vibrant 24-year old wearing the picture of fitness and perfect health, Brandi faces a different type of war that requires new weapons: hope, faith, and strength.The Enemy Inside Me is a poignant, yet true account of a young soldier’s fight with cancer, that begins miles away from enemy lines. Her journey is a gripping reminder that every moment is a gift and every breath is a blessing.

Cancer is a topic that many of us will avoid discussing because virtually all of us has been touched by Cancer in some way and so it takes the brave few who have been affected to discuss it, and The Enemy Inside Me is about Cancer and in particular, the author’s experience with it. However, the book is not just about this and rather chronicles the life of an exceptional woman who battled the odds, and I am so thankful to have discovered Brandi Benson’s story as it truly is incredible. The Enemy Inside Me is a poignant and profound memoir written by the incredibly talented author, Brandi Benson and throughout The Enemy Inside Me, she will take her readers on a moving journey that will surely move and touch readers from start to finish. The Enemy Inside Me is mostly a memoir; however, it is in part an inspirational and motivational tale thanks to the author’s wisdom and journey. The Enemy Inside Me is indeed a stunning memoir and should not be missed; Brandi’s story is, of course, heartbreaking at times but it is mostly inspiring and will generate awareness not only on Ewing Sarcoma but also how it affects your life. The Enemy Inside Me is a profoundly moving memoir, and so I already have to recommend this gem of a book but if you need more convincing then continue to read to learn more!

The Enemy Inside Me is an exceptional memoir that will introduce the reader to Brandi Benson and Brandi will perfectly guide her readers through her journey in which much is to be learned. Brandi joined the U.S. Army after months of ‘basic training’ however she soon learned that she had Ewing Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer and soon Brandi would experience her greatest battle. Brandi poignantly shares her experiences of being a young woman with cancer and she does this perfectly by being brutally honest as well as open, and that is why I have to recommend that you lovely readers have a read of The Enemy Inside Me.

The journey the reader encounters at times is incredibly hard hitting and upsetting, but it is also very inspiring thanks to Brandi’s grit and determination to fight the Cancer. The journey the reader is taken on really is an incredibly poignant one and gives the reader a first-person perspective on what it really is like to have Cancer and what happens throughout all of the treatments.

Brandi Benson is a phenomenal woman who impressed me with her flawless literature and incredible personality. Brandi is most undoubtedly passionate about spreading awareness about Ewing Sarcoma, and she is doing great work to do this thanks to this book of hers which spreads awareness wonderfully. Brandi is a fighter, and her incredible determination will resonate and inspire many readers who choose to read The Enemy Inside Me, and she is most certainly a person that never gave up. Brandi instead kept fighting even though the incredibly difficult parts and looked beyond the Cancer, and that is so inspiring to me.

Brandi’s story will speak volumes to many readers, particularly those that have Cancer, any form of Cancer or are in recovery or even those that have experienced great hardship. This is because Brandi’s story is an inspiring one because Brandi is incredibly positive as well as optimistic. Brandi is the type of woman that does not stop, even when life tries to stop you in your tracks and these are qualities and attributes that will inspire those that have an, and that was amazing to me.

Overall The Enemy Inside Me is an informative, well-written memoir with words that flow beautifully throughout; I have no choice but to award this stunning book a brilliant five stars. If you are a reader who loves memoirs with a purpose then The Enemy Inside Me is for you and should not be missed!

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Brandi L. Benson

Review: Amiee, WOW! Thank you so much for reading my book The Enemy Inside Me. First, I want to say the review you left was so detailed and thoughtful. I loved how you gave details of what you admired mostly and led the readers to what the essence of the story was. You covered every inch of the book with grace. I am excited for others to read this book and hear the comments from others. This story is not only about the enemy inside ME, but everyone has an enemy inside of them. We all have issues in life… Read more »

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