J.A. Anderson, Author of Rogue Waves

Rogue Waves
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“After the encouragement of a few close friends who I allowed to read my recently completed novel “Rogue Waves”, I finally worked up enough courage to submit it in a writing contest on’s platform in hopes of getting my novel published. So when I received Aimee Ann’s initial email about reviewing my novel, I have to admit I was quite skeptical. My initial thought was why would someone, who obviously has read tons of books and written many a review, for actual published and popular authors, want to review my novel which isn’t even published yet and has only been on’s platform for approximately five and a-half months.

Like any good sleuth, I immediately went to to the Red Headed Book Lover blog and started reading Aimee Ann’s reviews and the testimonials left on her site. To be quite honest I was immediately impressed by both her writing and all the testimonials and quite frankly honored that she would even reach out to me knowing my novel wasn’t “main stream” yet. So, I emailed her back to get more information and find out exactly what I would be getting into.

After Aimee Ann’s second email, which outlined the process, exactly what she could do for me and what she would need in order to begin her review of my novel, I felt as though I had known her forever. Not only were her emails professional and informative but Aimee Ann was able to make the process so easy. I could immediately tell that she wasn’t just some anonymous figurehead looking to “make a quick buck” and who you may or may not get a product back from. Aimee Ann was able to convey through her many emails to me, her kind heart and soul and that she truly cared, not only about her work but also about the person she was preparing the review for. Never once did I feel pressured, and any time I had a question or thought she was quick to respond. She made me feel as if I was her only priority at the moment (and we all know that couldn’t be true with having four children, a husband, a household and a business to take care of all at the same time).

As soon as I read her email advising me she had posted my review, I couldn’t get home fast enough, as I was so excited and eager to read it! And once I did all I could come up with was WOW! I am truly honored Aimee Ann thought my novel was incredible and my writing was stellar. Her words not mine. I have been writing for years but this is my first time at trying to get a book published and to be truthful I was really afraid it wouldn’t be good enough for “main stream”. Since reading Aimee Ann’s review and hoping many others will too, I am actually starting to honestly believe that I have a real shot at getting my novel ‘Rogue Waves’ published!

Aimee Ann’s review of my novel was nothing short of amazing, if I may say so myself! Her comment in her review of my novel “As I am a huge lover of this book and adore the author’s superb talent, I have no choice but to award this stunning piece of literature a dazzling Five Stars as it is simply incredible” left me in both shock and awe. She has helped to boost my self confidence and I truly thank her for that. Again, knowing that Aimee Ann has read a ton of books and only writes reviews on those which she can review on a positive note is even more encouraging to me. I have always had the dream of having my works published and now, after her incredible review, I feel it is not just a dream, but it will actually happen.

Even though I have never met Aimee Ann in person, and probably never will, I feel as though I have known her for years and can tell her anything. She is truly a warm and kindhearted person and that is super rare in this day and age!

If you are in the need of having your novel or book reviewed, regardless if you are an established author or just starting out like myself, I would highly recommend you using Aimee Ann’s services and reading her blog often. Not only do I love to write but like so many other authors out there I love to read and discover new authors. Her blog is GREAT for that !

Thank you ever so much Aimee Ann for your time, consideration and review of my work! It is appreciated more than you will ever know. You have given me the courage and confidence to continue with my efforts and I now feel that with your help and the help of your followers my dream of becoming a published author will finally come true! You are a blessing in disguise and I can’t thank you enough!”