Robby Silk, Author of The Adventures of RJ the Mouse

I have to say that working with Aimee Ann was an amazing experience on both a professional and personal level. She is the epitome of professionalism, class, and respect, and is an exceptional writer in her own right with the ability to convey her emotions and thoughts in dazzling detail. For any author looking for … Read more

Carol D. Marsh, Author of Nowhere Else I Want to Be

Aimee Ann contacted me about writing a review of my memoir, “Nowhere Else I Want to Be,” and I must admit I almost deleted the email. An author tends to develop a suspicious attitude toward unsolicited offers. I’m so glad I decided against deleting and instead followed the link provided to the Red Headed Book … Read more

Jamie Hoang, Author of Blue Sun Yellow Sky

  Aimee is 100% genuine in her love of books and writes beautiful, thoughtful reviews. When I first visited this site I was immediately drawn in to how professional and positive her vibe was. As an indie author it is so hard to find readers who will champion your work and help spread the word … Read more

Dianne Morgan, Author of Go Where They Are

My experience in working with Aimee Ann was a delight, she is very pleasant and professional. I never wondered where the process was going, as she communicated through email each step. Which I found refreshing. Her review of Go Where They Are, moved me deeply, the message she relayed in the review was the same … Read more

J.J. Sorel, Author of Entrance

Since having my contemporary romance novel, Entrance, reviewed by Aimee I have seen a spike in sales. I must say, I’ve had a few reviews, and despite being positive, I haven’t enjoyed many sales from them. But this has genuinely delivered. Thanks a million, Aimee, your review put a smile on my face. I love writing but lack self-confidence. So … Read more

J.A. Anderson, Author of Rogue Waves

“After the encouragement of a few close friends who I allowed to read my recently completed novel “Rogue Waves”, I finally worked up enough courage to submit it in a writing contest on’s platform in hopes of getting my novel published. So when I received Aimee Ann’s initial email about reviewing my novel, I … Read more

Lewis F. McIntyre, Author of The Eagle and the Dragon

Aimee Ann contacted me out of the blue by e-mail, and I was initially skeptical of such cold contacts. I checked out her website reviews, did a couple of checks, and decided to give her a chance to review “The Eagle and the Dragon.” She was extremely professional throughout all of our contacts by e-mail, and I felt I came to … Read more