Tales of the Alénarian: Legends of War, Calen Aeézanak

Long ago, in a far off universe, great heroes rose to power, each one the dorment vessels of ancient long lost gods. These heroes brought with them great change, great strife, and nearly threatened all reality as we know it on numerous occasions. These were the Alénarian, champions of sheer power, and limitless potential. This book contains many of their stories spanning generations, telling the stories of heroes of long ago, as they fought in war and in political intrigue, fighting with magic, blade, faith, and wit. These are the Tales of the Alénarian.
3,000 years ago, in the Préssérvium Universe, the Three Great Empires of The Érthkonothiy Empire, Sībro Empire, and Xrantor Empire have spent the last thousand years living in relative peace. Their empires have expanded throughout the stars, their stellar fleets and their magic unmatched. None have dared threaten them for so long, not even the wicked Misarian. However all that is about to change, as the Misarian are cursed by corrupted gods to bring doom to all reality, orchestrating a series of events that will likely bring the end of all things. Ancient curses will be broken. Wars will rise. Gods will come to power. And a war for existence will come. Behold now, the Legends of War. 

Tales of the Alénarian: Legends of War is an unreleased novel I was excited to read, why? Because I have read and loved the Spirits of the Mindscapes series written by Caleb Teal. Caleb Teal, writing under the pen name Calen Aeézanak for this novel, has done an incredible job of once again enthralling and shocking me with his immense literature! This is a novel I am very excited to be released to the masses and think it’s gonna be a tale many will be hooked by.

Tales of the Alénarian: Legends of War will alight readers’ minds with amazement and entertain them from start to finish and this is thanks to the author who perfectly captivates his readers early in the start thanks to his wealth of world development and fascinating plot.

Tales of the Alénarian: Legends of War is a 200,000-word epic tale that I believe will leave a lasting impact on the fantasy & science fiction genre. It is an epic tale, set across a nearly hundred-year time period in which we will meet heroes, villains, and everything in between. The story will take the reader on a journey like no other to the Préssérvium Universe and it is here that we meet three mighty empires – The Érthkonothiy Empire, Sībro Empire, and Xrantor Empire.

These three empires have lived in peace for the last thousand years but all of that is about to change when they face a threat that threatens to destabilize everything. Their empires which have grown to extraordinary lengths are now threatened and war will ensue. The reader will be taken along for the ride on this epic tale and will be introduced to the heroes known as the Alénarian that play a significant role in the universe and the tale that follows is none like you have read before!

The story of Tales of the Alénarian: Legends of War is a thrilling one thanks to the enthralling and action-packed moments as well as the unpredictable nature of the book that will have the readers turning the pages with haste from beginning to end. I love books that involve a journey because usually in these stories the characters develop and grow as they overcome events and battles which in turn adds to the development of the characters as well as explore life lessons and that is most certainly the case with Tales of the Alénarian: Legends of War.

While reading Tales of the Alénarian: Legends of War, the reader will be able to feel Calen Aeézanak’s pursuit of literary perfection and his drive to entertain readers. Aeézanak’s riveting tale keeps the pages turning of their own accord, and it makes for such captivating reading! Aeézanak seamlessly hooks the reader and immediately immerses the reader in his world of fantasy through his fast-paced writing style, beautifully detailed descriptions, and flawless character integration.

I admit that some fantasy & science fiction novels can be confusing, sometimes the literature is too dense so that you feel as if you are walking towards a strong current – you can’t push through the text – however I found with Calen Aeézanak’s literature that although it was detailed, it was immersive. Aeézanak manages to draw you in quickly and guide you along the way while never confusing you and I am impressed with Aeézanak’s talent to accomplish this as it is not easily done!

I admit I am madly in love with this book and its story. As I read this book, I couldn’t help but think that this book should be a movie, or at least a TV series. I believe this because the author Calen Aeézanak perfectly narrates his story to the scope of a film, his language is grand and so is his plot and so I could not help but think of every detail vividly so that this book Tales of the Alénarian: Legends of War played out like a movie in my head. The sheer talent of Aeézanak’s writing and imagination is one I am in awe of.

If you are looking for a detailed, stellar, and entertaining adventure like no other, then Tales of the Alénarian: Legends of War is for you! Tales of the Alénarian: Legends of War has all of this, and so much more, its story is quite simply brilliant and will leave you wanting more. Tales of the Alénarian: Legends of War gets five stars from me! Want to read it? Then please head to the link below and read more about the book from the author himself, which is where you will also find information on his Kickstarter!

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