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Author Spotlight

The next Mating in Captivity, this is a paradigm-shifting guide to sex and intimacy in committed, long-term relationships, from one of the nation’s top sex therapists.

These are astonishing times for sex. With a click of the mouse you can find new sex positions online, buy the latest vibrator, and learn the names for sex acts your grandparents never knew existed. But are people any happier in bed? Probably not. Research suggests that nearly a quarter of American women in heterosexual relationships are markedly distressed about their sex lives.

There’s no shortage of books these days on sex technique. But that’s not what most people are interested in. What they really want is to have great sex in a committed relationship, in which case all the technical expertise in the world won’t help you very much. For that, you need to understand sexual feelings—how they operate, what rules they follow, and how they connect to the rest of who you are.

Dr. Stephen Snyder’s unique approach has helped over 1,500 individuals and couples master the erotic challenges of long-term relationships. Integrating the latest research on human sexuality with compelling stories from his thirty years of experience, Love Worth Making will help people of all ages and backgrounds understand and embrace their sexual feelings, and enjoy them for life.

Hello book lovers! Today is a day where I will be writing another author spotlight for a well-accomplished author whose work I have loved. As you know book lovers I love learning about authors and the inspiration behind their work, it fascinates me and adds to the depth of the book because the reader will be able to better understand it. That is how the author spotlights were created because I soon discovered that you lovely readers ALSO love learning about author’s, so I am excited to tell you a little bit more about author Stephen Snyder whose book Love Worth Making entertained and informed me from beginning to end. I personally would recommend this book to all of those that love psychology books but really the book can be read by anybody as it is flawlessly written and highly enjoyable. With today’s author spotlight for Stephen, a biography of the author and an interview between me and Stephen will be shared, and I hope that you book lovers enjoy reading it! To kick this off here is an author bio about the wonderful Stephen Snyder!

Stephen Snyder MD is a sex and relationship therapist in Manhattan, and Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Icahn School of Medicine. He is a regular contributor to HuffingtonPost and PsychologyToday, a frequent guest on major media, and a New York Magazine “Best Doctor” since 2012. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

Now, how wonderful does Stephen sound?! Stephen is a truly exceptional writer and I hope that you lovely readers have a read of Stephen’s work because you will not regret it! Please see below an interview between me and Stephen, I hope that you enjoy Stephen’s answers to my questions, they are incredible and provide some great advice too!

Could you please tell us readers about your book and what inspired you to write your book?

Like many books, mine came into being because of an unmet need.  I couldn’t find anything to recommend to patients that adequately described even the most basic truths about sexual feelings. So I realized I’d have to write that book myself.

What would your advice be for aspiring writers?

Spend lots of time on twitter. I mean that seriously. All the best tweets are 90 characters are less, and there’s nothing like the discipline of having to put your thoughts into 90 characters or less to force you to be direct.

In your opinion, what is the most important thing about a book?

That it not be boring. There’s no excuse for boring books — especially boring sex books. There are thousands of boring sex books out there, which is totally ridiculous but that’s the way it is.

What is your writing process like?

When I was a young doctor in the 1980’s, I encountered a new invention called the word processor. For the first time I was able to write the way I think: first generating ideas, then torturing them into submission through extreme re-writing. It’s a slow process, but for some reason I enjoy it.

Do you have a set schedule for writing, or do you only write when you feel inspired?

I think it was Picasso who said, “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

Do you read much and if so who are your favorite authors?

While writing Love Worth Making, I would typically read one or two books every week — all of it nonfiction — for inspiration and background, and to test my ideas against those of other writers.  Books about gender are essential for a sex therapist, and I particularly like Julia Serano, Lisa Diamond, and Deborah Tolman. I also love books about anthropology and primatology — Jared Diamond, Yuval Noah Harari, Augustin Fuentes — and I found Jane Goodall’s In the Shadow of Man too delicious to put down.

Lastly, when can we readers expect to read more wonderful books from you?

Much of Love Worth Making has to do with notions of masculinity and femininity. I’d like to expand on that in my next book.  Masculinity is in flux these days.  I think there’s a need for a book for women on why men act the way they do these days — and what to do about it!

Its official book lovers, I am obsessed with Stephen! If you have liked what you have read about Stephen and are interested in learning more about Stephen and reading Stephen’s work, then please do have a browse of the links below and be sure to have a read of the preview too! You will not regret it.

Goodbye for now book lovers,

Love Worth Making: Amazon U.S. – Amazon U.K. – Goodreads 

Stephen Snyder M.D.: Twitter – Goodreads Author Page – LinkedIn – Facebook – Psychology Today Blog – Website – Book Website – Blog 

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