Shattered, Amelia Rucker

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The ones we love the most be the ones we hurt the most. Meet ShaToria Fortson, a nurse and young mother, who is dealing with the infidelity of her boyfriend and father of her son. Getting the support from all of her family members and friends, ShaToria gathers all of her strength and moves on. However, a haunting secret she is keeping resurfaces as soon as she meets someone else. 
Trenton Johnson regrets cheating on the love of his life and mother of his son. As soon as he finds out ShaToria moved on with another guy, Trenton tries everything in his power to convince her for another chance. His adoptive parents suggest he should leave her alone, but taking no for an answer is what Trenton refuses to do. 
ShaToria soon finds herself at a crossroad. Will she be happy with the guy who treats her like a queen or will she give Trenton another chance?

Wow, as I think of the plot of this book as I begin to write my review I am gobsmacked and find myself feeling the feelings of excitement and fear; the two primary emotions I mostly felt while reading this outstanding book. Shattered is a novel that astounded me thanks to its thrilling and addictive story that ensured that I raced through this book very quickly. I have the exceptional author, Amelia Rucker to thank for the many hours of exciting reading she made me have; she indeed is a talent, and I would recommend that all of you readers check out this exceptional book of hers!

Shattered is a phenomenal story that is gripping as well as terrifying. It follows two characters, in two separate narratives whose lives are interwoven. The female protagonist of the novel is ShaTori, and the male is Trenton Johnson but before I discuss more about Trenton let me first let you readers know all about ShaToria. ShaToria is a nurse and a mother whose boyfriend (Trenton Johnson) is cheating on her. ShaToria soon realizes that she can’t continue with him so, from the gathered strength and support from family members and friends, she decides to move on… much to the displeasure of her ex-boyfriend Trenton.

Trenton Johnson ‘regrets’ cheating on ShaToria, he loves her and loves his son so when ShaToria cuts ties with him, he is devastated. Trenton is even more devastated when he discovers that ShaToria has moved on; she has found somebody else and this makes Trenton angry and a little possessive. What happens next is genuinely gripping as the reader will witness Trenton and the lengths he will go to to win his ex-girlfriend and the mother of her child back.

The story of Shattered is one that shattered my heart…. Pun intended! The novel shattered my heart in the best of ways as it stole it thanks to the impeccable story courtesy of Amelia Rucker. Rucker managed to compel me very quickly thanks to her snappy narratives and easy to read prose that read blissfully throughout.

Amelia Rucker clearly has a talent for creating characters and giving them exceptional depth as ShaToria and Trenton Johnson are two characters whose narratives jumped right off the page. I felt invested in this pairing and adore ShaToria and the strong characteristics she showed as a woman and a mother. I adore her for being a strong woman, a woman that does not take crap from any man and who certainly does not put up with cheating! I admire her for this and praise Rucker for writing such a convincing and compelling female character.

As Shattered is a truly stunning, exceptional book, I have no choice but to award this story Five Stars! So please, read this book and get lost in an exception, thrilling story!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much and love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please, comment below and let me know your thoughts on Shattered; do you see yourself reading this book? Let me know all of those brilliant thoughts of yours below! Thank you so much again for reading!

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