Secrets of the Egoles’ Nest, Daniel B. Royer

Children & Picture Book, Fantasy, Science Fiction & Space Opera

The story is based on Aben Egole, a young boy living with his overbearing nanny, and on occasion, his military father returns home for brief visits between combat missions. However, Aben’s life is about to be changed in ways that will compromise his ability to blend in with the human population. It all begins in Aben’s home, which is located in a quaint community on the outskirts of Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.

     It all started after the next-door neighbor mysteriously moved away. Subsequently, a strange but exciting girl, along with her parents, move in to the nearby home. Soon afterwards, Aben is approached by the young girl, who shares with him a secret about his incredible heritage, along with an organism that sparks an unbelievable change in his DNA. Once he’s experienced with his new powers, with the help of a mystical dynasty and his military father, Colonel Ivory Egole, standing by his side, Aben begins a new life of off planet adventures with deadly agendas.

     As their new lives progress and Aben’s altered DNA spontaneously mutating, gives his father reason to worry about his son’s longevity. Once he addresses his concerns with the dynasty’s Head Master, the colonel’s worries quickly dissipate. Soon Zonda, with the help of the colonel, slowly become militarized, it’s then that he and his son are teamed with the planet’s finest warriors, also known as Zonda’s Astroknight Legion. Missions are strategized before Zonda’s mighty forces are pitted against a growing scourge, feeding on feeble planets. Eventually, Zonda’s campaign to rid the universe of pure evil leads to an inevitable confrontation with the most dangerous warlord in the Universe, Imperial General Warnod

Secrets of the Egoles’ Nest is an enchanting, thrilling tale that will make you fall in love all over again with science fiction and fantasy. Its story is original and captivating and will take you on an incredible journey that you most likely won’t forget for a long time! Here is a little bit more about this incredible tale.

This fascinating, gripping science fiction/fantasy tale tells the story of Aben Egole, a young boy who lives in North Carolina with his mostly absent military father. As we follow Abens life we soon read that he is approached by a young and powerful mystic who shares with him a secret that will change his life forever. This secret tells Aben about his heritage which he had previously not known and she also tells him a secret about an organism that has the potential to do wondrous life-changing things forever. With the help of this mystical young girl and the mystical dynasty that is the Atroknights as well as his military father they all soon go on an adventure that takes them to a different planet and across the universe. Soon they all have new life’s but Abens DNA is changing due to something which happened previously in the novel and because of this it is making powers to manifest with him… uncontrollable powers and soon they are all caught up in a battle of good vs evil and eventually we see a mighty confrontation with the most dangerous and feared warlord in the universe and this is where our epic story begins.

Secrets of the Egoles’ Nest is an enchanting, easy to read novel that carries the reader along briskly. Our author Daniel B. Royer has managed to pack a lot into his novel and build a fascinating world in dense detail which will then carry the next books in his series along. I love how he managed to combine a ton of incredible things into these pages, he has created a world full of evil people, magic, superpowers, amazing science fiction, and undercover secret agents… It is a novel that adults and young readers alike can get lost in because it is simply brilliant!

Royer’s writing is full of creativity and beautiful literature. You can sense very earlier on that Royer has poured his whole into this novel and has dedicated his time and imagination to it effortlessly. He draws the reader in very early on and whisks the reader along on a great and unforgettable journey.

To summarise my thoughts on this enchanting novel I would say if you adore both science fiction as well as fantasy then you will adore this novel because it has both! It is a story that will captivate and intrigue you and a story you will get lost in. This novel gets Four Stars from me!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! Please do comment below and let me know your thoughts about this wonderful novel, do you see yourself reading it? Let me know below! Thank you so much for reading I really appreciate it!

Goodbye for now book lovers,

P.S. Here is a preview of the book for all of you lovely readers to enjoy! Please have a read of the preview and if you find that you have loved what you have read then all you need to do is click the Buy on Amazon button and it will take you straight to the book on Amazon USA! If you are in the U.K. then below I have attached a link to the book for the Amazon U.K. website. I have also attached some links about the author and this wonderful book! Thank you so much again for reading book lovers, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this book!

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Thank you a lot for giving everyone an exceptionally marvelous review Aimee. This book looks enjoyable and I would love to read it.

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