Wild Horses, Amy Pendino

Mystery & Suspense

What strings are attached to “easy money”? Dani Holden has lived in small-town Crestview, Iowa, for almost two years, but she won’t be able to stay without a new source of income, especially now that she’s adopted an old racehorse. Her good friend Donna introduces Dani to Jim, a trucker who’s become a regular at … Read more

Blue Zeus: Legend of the Red Desert, Carol J. Walker

Children & Picture Book

Since 2004, Carol Walker has been visiting wild horses in Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana and grown increasingly enamored with the colorful herds that inhabit the region, grazing and reproducing in close-knit family groups. This story begins on a crisp fall day in 2018 as she roamed rural roads in the Red Desert Complex of Wyoming. … Read more

Boot Language: A Memoir, Vanya Erickson

Memoir & Biography, Military & War History

From the outside, Vanya’s childhood looked idyllic: she rode horses with her father in the solitude of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and attended flamboyant operas with her mother in the city. But life for Vanya and her family turned dark when ghosts from her father’s service on a Pacific destroyer in World War II tore … Read more