Salome’s Daughters, Jane F. Tatam

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Siamese cats rule in the House of Bast and live in a world where mankind no longer exists. They worship the Egyptian goddess Bast and live peacefully and happily in the world that She has created for them. Ruled by females, all is well until good Queen Salome dies and Belvedere, her daughter is about to become queen. Belvedere is not quite the same as other cats. Intent on ridding herself of her younger sister, Alice, who she sees as a rival, she soon finds friends among some of the other more lowly cat breeds and sets about an execution that does not quite go to plan. Before long the House of Bast is in turmoil and only Ka, Princess of the Foreign Black clan, can save Alice and her beloved son Pangur Ban. She must call down the power of the goddess and seek the help of Cailleach Bheurr, Queen of the Ferals, if peace is to be restored.

Salome’s Daughters and their many companions take part in this tale in many famous places in England’s West Country: Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Tarr Steps, the wilds of Exmoor, Culbone Church, Corfe Castle and Cerne Abbas. Meet the Beast of Exmoor within these pages and find out what a gorrible is. Discover the delights of the Dance of Cerne and the Day of Amenti, along with many other wonderful mysteries that the House of Bast has to offer. 

Full of allegory, blending mythologies and developing them in time-honoured and classical tradition, this is a book that will reward its readers with many a tear and a smile.

Salome’s Daughters by Jane F. Tatam is a phenomenal fantasy novel I couldn’t put down once I picked it up! Salome’s Daughters by Jane F. Tatam takes us, voracious readers, to a matriarchal world ruled by cats in the midst of a struggle between good and evil that will entice and allure any reader. I was spellbound by the hypnotic storytelling interlacing an evocative narrative with sensational characterization that kept the pages turning of their own volition!

Mankind no longer exists, Siamese cats rule the House of Bast. Life is happy and peaceful under the rule of Queen Salome as they worship the goddess Bast and bask in the world she has created for them. Belvedere prepares to rule as queen, when the good Queen Salome, her mother, dies. Belvedere is resolved to rid herself of the rivalry she sees in her younger sister Alice. Belvedere,  not quite like other cats and very different than her mother, forms unlikely friendships with inferior breeds to align an execution that doesn’t end as planned. The House of Bast is in trouble as chaos and unrest ensue. The only hope to restore peace to lands rests with the Princess of the Foreign Black Clan, Ka. To save Alice and her son Pangur Ban and end the turmoil in the House of Bast, Ka must seek aid from Queen of the Ferals Cailleach Bheurr and call the power of the Goddess.

Salome’s Daughters by Jane F. Tatam is an extraordinary work of fantasy I fell in love with immediately! Salome’s Daughters by Jane F. Tatam takes us, adventurous readers, on a thrilling whirlwind journey brimming with suspense and intrigue around every corner as we traverse a world where humans no longer exist and cats reign supreme! The hours toiled away without notice once I traveled to the feline world of Tatam’s creation. I greedily consumed each page without pause, turning them faster and faster as I was enveloped in a place where Goddesses are as real as the limitless breathtaking perils!

Jane F. Tatam is an unparalleled fantasy author. She has crafted a stunning world blended with ancient mythology that I couldn’t help but get lost in! Jane F. Tatam has an engaging, clever writing style that draws us, beloved readers, into an extraordinary world she has eloquently created. Jane F. Tatam’s incomparable imagination shines brightly through the pages, bringing her captivating creation to vivid life which shows what a remarkably talented author she is who should not be missed!

Salome’s Daughters by Jane F. Tatam is a marvelous work of fantasy I wholeheartedly enjoyed.  Once I immersed myself in Salome’s Daughters by, the incredibly talented author, Jane F. Tatam, I was entranced by the intricate narrative that kept me on the edge of my seat needing more until the exhilarating conclusion! I love how flawlessly femininity is woven into the storyline of Salome’s Daughters! Salome’s Daughters by Jane F. Tatam is a magnificent piece of literature with an original narrative, brilliant characterization, and dazzling attention to detail that will enrapture any audience. I incontestably and enthusiastically award Salome’s Daughters by Jane F. Tatam five stars!

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