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Author Spotlight

Hi there book lovers! So today I am so excited to be writing an author spotlight for S. Khbuiar, an incredible author who has entertained me with her The Eagle and the Child series recently. The series is a captivating one that entertained me from book one to book three and this is thanks to Khbuiar’s phenomenal literature! Here is a short bio about the author which will let you know her better:

Shanah Khubiar is a retired federal law enforcement officer. The author enjoys using fiction to explore multilayered themes drawn from work experience, religious observance, and the existential challenges to Persian immigrants in both America and Israel. More information about The Eagle & the Child Trilogy may be found at

How incredible is it that Shanah is former law enforcement! The fact that she was has massively benefited The Eagle and the Child series because she was able to lace facts throughout her book which made the books even more intriguing. What will intrigue you even more book lovers is Khbuiar’s answers to my questions as they are brilliant! Here they are book lovers:

Hi there! Thank you so much for joining us today at Red Headd Book Lover. My first question for you is in your own words could you please tell us about your series and what inspired you to write the series?

I am retired from federal law enforcement and teaching self-defense. That experience provided the basic story pieces. So, work in law enforcement, personal religious experience, and academic research were combined in the story. It is an allegory of living in two worlds, or maybe more. Some are real people, and some are pure fiction. Most are an amalgamation of reality and fiction. There were things I saw in my work that troubled me, so writing was cheaper than going to a psychologist. It helped work out so many ugly things I’d encountered in my career and religious life. We all have potential for personal redemption no matter how far we may fall; we all have two people struggling inside us.

My advice for aspiring writers is to attend every writing class possible for peer review and not to confuse your writing with your ego.  You can write well and get bad reviews, and you can write poorly and receive great reviews.  The reviews usually reflect more about the reader than the writer, which means it’s up to the author to find the best critics prior to publishing.  Community centers and colleges frequently have free or low-cost writing groups. It’s a great place to find beta readers and to network.
If I could tell my younger self-something, it would be to take notes, even when you’re doing something you’d like to forget.  It might make a great story later.

Wow, that’s a tough one.  There are many important components to a good book, but there was something in Reading Lolita in Tehran that has remained with me.  It’s not an author’s job to reproduce reality in fiction, but to find that moment in fiction in which the reader identifies with that moment, that feeling, that experience.  When the writer crafts a scene that brings together a real event with the reader’s own experience, it’s a trifecta.

Lastly, when can we readers expect to read more wonderful books from you?

I have finished a novella entitled War and Trees: a Matter of Time, which is an Eagle and Child prequel.  It’s set in Aruba, and I think readers will enjoy seeing Shahla in the prime of her Mossad career.  She and Samuel teamed up to hunt one of the bombers of the Jewish Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  I will be meeting with an agent next month, and after that will make a decision whether to self-publish or try legacy publishing.  There are two more prequels in progress.  The first is the story of Shahla’s induction into the Mossad.  The working title is Only Like This: the Child Assassin.  I’ve finished all the setting research, so now I’m simply finishing up the rough draft of the manuscript.  The second one doesn’t have a title yet, but I’ve collected some declassified documents on a Russian spy program, conducted the setting research, and I’m putting together a rough draft.  It will probably be a novella length. That means maybe one title in 2018, and two more in 2019.

Can we all just appreciate how incredible these answers are from Khubiar! We are nearing the end of my author spotlight now but if you would like to read Khubiar’s books or find out more about her then please do have a read of the links below!

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S. Khubiar: Goodreads Author Page – Website – Facebook – YouTube

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