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When Lois Letchford learns her son has been diagnosed with a low IQ at the end of grade one, she refuses to give up on his future. Testing showed Nicholas had no spatial awareness, limited concentration, and could only read ten words; he is labeled “learning disabled,” a designation considered more derogatory than “dyslexia.” The world of education is quick to cast him aside. Lois begins working with him one-on-one. What happens next is a journey—spanning three continents, unique teaching experiments, never-ending battles with the school system, a mother’s discovery of her own learning blocks, and a bond fueled by the desire to rid Nicholas of the “disabled” label. “Reversed” is a memoir of profound determination that follows the highs and lows of overcoming impossible odds, turning one woman into a passionate teacher for children who have been left behind. Nothing is impossible when one digs deep, and looks at students through a new lens. 

Memoirs narrated from the perspective of a parent have been my go to read of late; as a mother of four, I adore reading books about parenting and education as they stress the importance of knowing you are not alone in struggles with parenting and your children’s education. Parenting at times can be difficult and nearly all parents will struggle at a point so that is why parenting books are the perfect companion for those that need to know they are not alone. Reversed: A Memoir is a book that will let readers know that they are not alone and that it is ok to struggle at times with your child’s education if your child has a condition but the powerful message at the heart of the story is that whatever the ‘problem’ it can be overcome. Lois Letchford, the superb author of Reversed, poignantly narrates her experiences raising her son Nicholas who was diagnosed with a low IQ.  Reversed will be a relatable book for all parents regardless if your child does have a low IQ or not because the techniques and messages laced throughout Reversed is inspiring and will help any parent better their child’s education. Lois’s wisdom and insightful knowledge and experience will be inspirational to all parents and that is one of the many reasons why Reversed is a memoir that needs to be read by every parent.

Reversed is an exceptional book that is in part a memoir and part self-help. Reversed is written by Lois Letchford and in her book she poignantly takes the reader on a journey of how she helped her son Nicholas increase his IQ. Nicholas at the end of grade one was diagnosed with a low IQ and Lois was told that “he was the worst child I’ve seen in twenty years of teaching” by a teacher. Firstly, this statement made me angry because that is not a supportive behavior, but let’s continue book lovers! Lois’s son was diagnosed with a low IQ however she knew that she would not give up on his future and decided to do and try everything to help him as the education system was ‘quick to cast him aside.’ Lois, being a wonderful mother decided to devote all of her time to help him one on one and this took Lois on an incredible journey with her son in which she experimented with different teaching techniques, battled the school system for the education her son deserves and so on. What follows is a beautiful, moving and insightful memoir about a mother’s innate drive to help her son succeed no matter the diagnosis and the effect on the reader will be incredibly moving and inspirational and so I do recommend the exceptional Reversed to all parents and carers.

Lois Letchford is an admirable woman whose book I adore; one quality I admire most about Lois is her love for her son. Laced throughout the pages of Reversed, Lois pours her heart and soul into her memoir which expresses her love and devotion to her son and his future. Never before have I read a memoir full of so much heart, as I read Reversed I could feel Lois’s love for her son shine of the page and this compelled me even more to turn the pages.

Lois is not only an admirable woman but also a flawless writer who has wonderfully written her memoir in a compelling and heartfelt way. Lois’s beautiful words will ensure that readers are engrossed from the first page to the very last. In my opinion, Lois has wonderfully mastered the difficult skill to capture a readers attention from the first page and hold it throughout; I believe she has accomplished this thanks to her easy to read writing, which is full of moving moments and her effortless skill to make the reader feel as if she is speaking directly to you.

Reversed is a memoir that will appeal and resonate with all parents. However, it will benefit those who have a child with a low IQ especially as Lois’s honestly describes her experiences and challenges and this will help many parents. Sadly, there is not enough awareness about a low IQ and what help is available for your child. As the topic is still not openly discussed, many parents will not know how to best help their child, which can be difficult for the child in question because they are not receiving the help they need, both from the parents as well as school authorities. Schools, in particular, need to know how to better help children who need extra help instead of just ‘shun’ them. That is why books such as Reversed are vital as they stress the importance of better awareness to help the children and parents.

Reversed is truly a breath-taking, heartfelt, inspiring memoir that I believe all parents and carer should read. As well as it including useful information and knowledge on a topic that is not openly discussed, it is also an incredibly well written one with words that flow beautifully throughout. I adored this memoir, and so I have no choice but to award Reversed five stars!

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