Operation Archangel, Dan Morales

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It’s 1940. 

Britain is ravaged by war, and in a small town in Kent, in the southeast of England, six orphan boys decide to form their own rag-tag boy scout troop to help out on the home front. 
During an air raid, they mount an unmanned anti-aircraft gun and manage to shoot down a German dive-bomber. 
Like lightning, news of their courage and resourcefulness reaches the ears of Boy Scout founder Lord Baden-Powell, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and even King George VI, as well as leaders of a newly formed branch of British Intelligence, the Special Operations Executive, who wants to recruit them for a dangerous undercover mission in Nazi Germany. 
Now they must go through rigorous training, meeting all kinds of secret inventors and future war heroes along the way.

The Scouts of St. Michael: Operation Archangel by Dan Morales is an action-packed, thrill-seeking, war-time adventure that will hook and captivate readers for many hours. Operation Archangel grips the reader immediately and takes us on a harrowing journey with dangers, and the courage to face them and so the story is not only thrilling but also inspirational which is a rare combination to find these days! Dan Morales, the exceptional author of Operation Archangel goes beyond your run of the mill historical/ military fiction novel with Operation Archangel, and he dazzlingly reconstructs war-time England and the result is fascinating. Once I started Operation Archangel, I couldn’t put it down and if you are a reader who loves reading captivating and compelling books then do not miss out on this stellar book!

There is an orphanage in Kent, a small town in the southeast of war-devastated England that houses a remarkable group of boys. The year is 1940, and six tenacious rejected orphan boys decide to help on the homefront by forming their own motley boy scout troop. One night, against all the odds, the boys of St. Michael manage to shoot down an attacking German dive bomber, in the midst of an air raid, with an unmanned anti-aircraft gun. Their quick-witted acts of bravery quickly made its way to the ears of the Boy Scouts founder, Lord Baden-Powell, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and all the way up to British parliament to King Henry VI. These once boy scout outcasts, capture the attention of a newly formed branch of Special Operations, who want to recruit them to go behind enemy lines in Nazi Germany on a perilous covert mission. The scouts of St. Michael must complete an onerous training while meeting soon to be heroes and classified inventors as they bravely prepare for the dangers to come.

Operation Archangel effortlessly captivates the reader and immerses the reader in an exciting world that readers won’t be able to get enough of! Operation Archangel thrilled me from the very beginning with its incredibly likable characters, adventurous storyline, and an ending that will leave you needing more. I love how Dan Morales kept historical accuracy prevalent in an alluring and exciting way; this is crucial for me with a military fiction book, so I am so pleased that Morales laced many historical accuracies throughout his sensational book!

Dan Morales grasps us voracious readers and dispatches us on an inauspicious yet exhilarating adventure with a group of brave misfit boys I couldn’t help but love immediately! Dan Morales has a unique and unparalleled way of creating historical authenticity. I love how brilliantly he weaves the real-life war efforts of English boy scouts into the fabric of the storyline itself, this itself is incredibly hard to do so I am incredibly impressed by Morales ability to do just this. Morales does all this while keeping the narrative crisp, entertaining, and dynamic. There are many moments in the book which thrilled me but the moment when the boys shot down the German diver bomber I found myself jumping out of my seat in a frenzy with excitement and there are many moments like this in Operation Archangel! Dan Morales has an engrossing and scintillating writing style that will captivate readers of all ages and genres and that is why this book really is perfect for young adults and adults as it perfectly caters for both audiences.

The Scouts of St. Michael: Operation Archangel by Dan Morales is a phenomenal military fiction novel, that is a must read! Operation Archangel encompasses action and adventure, heroism in the face of insurmountable odds, and profound wide scale danger and sends us on an electrifying path that left me breathless and wanting more! It is undeniable that with its quick-paced, magnificently detailed, and fascinating narrative, Operation Archangel by Dan Morales is a sensational and compelling piece of literature. I unambiguously and wholeheartedly award The Scouts of St. Michael: Operation Archangel five stars! Be sure to have a read of the preview below book lovers and also keep an eye out for my spotlight for Dan Morales which will be live soon!

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