No Pit So Deep, James Nathaniel Miller II

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How Much Should He Tell Her?

Cody is a professional athlete and a decorated US Marine haunted by a dark military past. Brandi is a gutsy investigative journalist and single mom who has exposed a child-trafficking ring. When terrorists attempt to abduct her at a public theater, Cody, a stranger, saves her, but the violent incident unlocks the malignant demons of Cody’s past.

Is There A Pit So Deep That Even God Can’t Find You?

The couple is now forced to play a deadly game of hide-n-seek with the syndicate. Cody protects Brandi and her two-year-old daughter, but Brandi risks her life to learn the truth about the Afghanistan incident which plunged Cody into his deep mental abyss. Was there a cover-up?

No Pit So Deep is a novel I was always destined to love thanks to the prominent military theme at the heart of the story as well as the subject of PTSD and how it is explored correctly and sensitively through the protagonist of the novel. No Pit So Deep is a military fiction tale however it is mostly a thriller mixed with themes of crime, suspense, religion and even romance! Yes book lovers the incredible No Pit So Deep has it all, and each topic is perfectly weaved together by the talented and well-accomplished author James Nathanial Miller II. No Pit So Deep is a captivating, thrilling and exciting novel that will take readers on an epic journey from that is full of many highs and lows. No Pit So Deep is undoubtedly a book that is unlike anything I have read before; I have read a lot of military fiction but none quite like No Pit So Deep because the plot that unfolds throughout the book is original as well as unique; besides, the plot had me guessing from beginning to end! I love military fiction but only if the story is combined with thrilling, heart-pounding moments as well as incredibly poignant ones… No Pit So Deep has all of this and so much more; that is why I have to recommend the captivating No Pit So Deep as you will not regret it!

No Pit So Deep is a unique but brilliant tale because of the many themes it so perfectly weaves together. At the heart of the story is the protagonist Cody, who is a US Marine who struggles with the terrors of his past. Cody is the male protagonist of the story however Brandi is the female protagonist. Brandi is a single mother who is trying her hardest to keep a roof over her and her two-year-old daughters head all while pursuing her career as an investigative journalist and she is doing pretty well. Brandi’s latest investigation led her to exposing a child trafficking ring, so she is indeed talented. However soon things will get worse for Brandi because one day she finds her self involved in an attempted kidnapping of her and her daughter and Cody, who does not know Brandi at this point, saves her. What follows is a fast-paced suspense novel that will see Cody protecting Brandi and her two-year-old daughter all while Cody himself struggles with the horrors of his past that occurred while serving in the Marines and this book lovers is the premise of the sensational novel that is No Pit So Deep.

The story of No Pit So Deep is one that is flawlessly developed with no stone left unturned. The incredible author of No Pit So Deep, James Nathaniel Miller II has managed to craft and develop a highly entertaining story that weaves many suspenseful themes. I admit, there are a lot of themes laced throughout this book, and at first, I thought that it would be difficult to blend them together, and with any author, this may be the case. Miller, however, is a talented writer and so he perfectly combines all themes in this book which is a hard talent to accomplish.

James Nathanial Miller II is an incredible author who is clearly creative because his work is beyond the norm and weaves a fascinating story that is entertaining, original and intricate. I am genuinely impressed with how well Miller has developed his story because from the start the foundations were set and from that point onwards he just continued to develop the plot and expand on it which was incredible to be a part of. The descriptive powers courtesy of Miller laced throughout the book are brilliant, Miller so perfectly describes the events in the book that the reader will be able to immerse themselves in the story.

Overall No Pit So Deep is a magnificent, brilliant and entertaining novel that will keep readers guessing from beginning to end I, of course, have to award this exciting book five stars! So please, if you are a reader who loves action and adventure and wants to be taken on a thrilling but moving journey, then No Pit So Deep is for you!

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