Native Companions: Dreamtime Mysteries, Jenni Barnett

Rex Graham, a part-Aboriginal student of anthropology, is searching for his own indigenous ancestral history: customs, language and dreamtime legends. Due to a lifetime bond to his Aboriginal grandmother, he is enlightened after her passing, when he discoverers the key to his lost people’s history and traditional history: preserved in artwork bequeathed to him on her deathbed. Driven by a passion to learn the truth about the simplistic drawings, the legends unfold as epic mythology: filled with adventure, drama and a wealth of traditional Aboriginal survival and culture.

Barnett captures the strong bond the Booran people have with nature—how they lived off and with the land, communicating with it, respecting it, learning from it. Like any good collection of myths, there is also the educational aspect of these tales. Readers will learn about the spirits the Booran people believe in, manhood initiation ceremonies, and other cultural practices such as communication rules and skin signs with other tribes. Blending a fictional premise with well-researched legends, this book is a great starter read for those interesting in learning more about Aboriginal stories, and includes a glossary of mixed aboriginal language, index of communities and bibliography at the end of the story.

Jenni Barnett’s riveting historical fiction novel, Native Companions: Dreamtime Mysteries, takes us, adventurous readers, on a spiritual journey unlocking the mystery of Rex Graham’s ancestral aboriginal heritage! Native Companions: Dreamtime Mysteries by Jenni Barnett is a remarkably educational novel with a compelling narrative that will captivate all readers. I found myself enthralled in the extensive research paramount in Native Companions: Dreamtime Mysteries. Jenni Barnett brings the rich history and culture, vast idiosyncrasies, and deeply rooted beliefs and traditions of the Booran aboriginal people to breathtaking life! Native Companions: Dreamtime Mysteries by Jenni Barnett is an exciting twist of meticulously researched myths and legends with a fascinating narration that educates us, beloved readers, in an exuberant fiction that is delightful!

Rex Graham has always shared a close bond with his aboriginal grandmother. This bond gave birth to a fascination with her tribal ancestry and customs leading Rex to his path in anthropology. Looking for answers to his past and the thesis for his doctorate, Rex searches for clues to his indigenous history. Rex finds he already holds the key to unlocking the language, customs, and Dreamtime legends of his lost people. On her deathbed, Rex’s grandmother passed down to him irreplaceable artifacts from their people. Simple drawings translating the past, once realized, providing Rex everything he needs to uncover the truth of his people on an enlightening spiritual journey of how they lived, traditional ceremonies, and what they worshiped.

Native Companions: Dreamtime Mysteries by Jenni Barnett is an intriguing novel all the way through. Enticing us with an irresistible fable built on a foundation of awe-inspiring accuracy, Native Companions: Dreamtime Mysteries by Jenni Barnett is an outstanding historical fiction novel that should be treasured! Native Companions: Dreamtime Mysteries pulls us in right away with a deathbed promise that leads, part-aboriginal anthropology student, Rex Graham down a road of discovery, unveiling the secrets of his people and his past. History plays an integral role in this astonishing novel, comprised of six epic segments including a glossary index and bibliography, Native Companions: Dreamtime Mysteries is an exquisite piece of literature marvelously written by Jenni Barnett.

Jenni Barnett is a brilliant author. Splendidly talented and extremely intelligent, I could feel her pursuit for literary perfection on each page of Native Companions: Dreamtime Mysteries blending a unique narrative with unparalleled research creating a memorable experience for any reader! I ennoble Jenni Barnett for her masterpiece of literature, Native Companions: Dreamtime Mysteries. Jenni Barnett has an elegant grace to her writing, flawlessly weaving an irresistible story-line that is spectacular! She has intricately laced fact in fantasy gifting, Native Companions: Dreamtime Mysteries, even greater academic value for its entertaining narration constructing a window through time that is unforgettable!

Native Companions: Dreamtime Mysteries by Jenni Barnett transcends beyond dust-covered textbooks or fact-less fiction novels, but effortlessly weds the two in a glorious harmony that is enchanting! Informative and alluring, Native Companions: Dreamtime Mysteries is a wholesome historical fiction novel intended to be savored over time. Filled with astounding information, Jenni Barnett masterfully crafts a stunning work of fiction that I profoundly enjoyed! Native Companions: Dreamtime Mysteries by Jenni Barnett drew me in with Rex Graham’s relentless need to uncover the secrets of Gran Yan’s vibrant lineage on his path to completing his doctorate degree in anthropology and his promise! Native Companions: Dreamtime Mysteries is a purely unique historical fiction novel that all readers who immerse themselves in the rhythmic pages of will enjoy! I incontrovertibly and unreservedly award Jenni Barnett’s poignant novel Native Companions: Dreamtime Mysteries five stars!

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