Motherlines: Love, Longing, and Liberation, Patricia Reis

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When she was twenty, Patricia Reis’s mother asked, “What about your spiritual life?” Years later, this question drives her midlife quest to reconcile the desires of her body with the mandates of her spirit.

Motherlines is a candid and compelling story of sex with men and with women, of celibacy, illegal abortions, making vows and breaking them, dreams, body wisdom, creative ambition, and inspiring relationships with memorable characters. 

This unflinching memoir illuminates the unvarnished truth of growing up female in the 1980’s a rich and fertile period in American history when gender roles were undergoing a revolution, a time that includes feminism, the women’s spirituality movement and liberation theology. 

In her soul-searching quest for meaning, and longing for maternal connection, Reis discovers an unlikely confidante in her aunt, a free-spirited Franciscan nun. Their letters and relationship are a thread that weaves throughout this memoir – an increasingly intimate and honest exchange between two women who are living very different lives yet are both kin and kindred spirits.

A spiritual journey and a creative tour de force, this memoir is a potent and tender love song to the Motherlines that connect us all.

Motherlines: Love, Longing, and Liberation is a moving, inspiring, thought-provoking and compelling memoir that is the perfect read for Mother’s Day and the perfect read in general as the memoir, courtesy of the exceptional writer and focus of the story, Patricia Reis takes her readers on her journey that explores many poignant themes that are guaranteed to compel and move it’s readers. As I read the book all I could think was that Patricia Reis is an exceptional woman, not only for sharing her story but also for being so truthful to her readers and being so honest throughout her book which will, in turn, draw in readers and compel them to read. The reader will undoubtedly feel a host of different emotions while reading Motherlines, even those that have lived a different life to Patricia because from beginning to end she ensures that her book speaks to readers, from all backgrounds and that is one of the many incredible attributes I love about Motherlines and why I have to recommend it to all of you lovely readers.

Motherlines: Love, Longing, and Liberation follows the author Patricia Reis on her tumultuous, uplifting and sometimes upsetting and grueling journey. Patricia is brazen in her memoir and flawlessly takes the reader on the journey of her life but she in no way holds back. Patricia is honest and brave with her literature, and this was an admirable and shining quality of the book. The reader will follow Patricia on her journey through spirituality, sexuality, trauma, her complicated relationship with her mother and so much more. The journey the reader is taken on is a poignant and profound one that will see Patricia survive two illegal abortions, three marriages and even Patricia’s relationship with her Aunt Ruth who is a Nun and Patricia’s relationship with her Aunt is the basis for the extraordinary journey we are taken on.

The story of Patricia’s life is one that is profound as it weaves many themes, many of which readers, especially those that lived in the 1980’s will be able to resonate with. Themes such as sexuality, faith, family, spirituality and finding yourself are all explored expertly through Patricia, and this makes for a stunning read that readers won’t be able to forget about for a long time.

When I read Motherlines I was in awe of Patricia and how much information she chose to share with her readers. I believe that the reasons she has done this is to inspire, help and enlighten readers from all over and she has most certainly done this with me. As I read Motherlines I learned things I had never knew of, and I felt some emotions I had not felt in a long time, and this is all thanks to the power of Patricia’s poignant words.

One of the most poignant and profound themes explored within Motherlines is Patricia’s discussion of the two illegal abortions she had. This is a topic many women would not discuss because it is a slightly taboo subject and a lot of women can feel shame about an abortion so I really do admire Patricia for being so open and honest about these experiences, it makes me adore her and her literature even more and so I hope you lovely readers read it.

As well as Patricia being a courageous woman for sharing her story, she is also a fantastic one as her writing throughout this book of hers is stellar. Memoirs are tricky to write, but Patricia has mastered writing a memoir as Motherlines combines all of the qualities which make an excellent memoir. Qualities such as honesty, insight, entertainment and emotive literature… all great attributes which in my opinion make a brilliant memoir.

As Motherlines is a sensational, inspiring, uplifting and informative book that will take its readers on a poignant journey, I have no choice but to award this stellar book five stars as it is genuinely excellent. Please do have a read of the preview below and have a read of the book as you will not regret it book lovers!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much and love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please, comment below and let me know your thoughts on Motherlines: Love, Longing, and Liberation; do you see yourself reading this book? Let me know all of those brilliant thoughts of yours below! Thank you so much again for reading!

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Patricia Reis: Website

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