Moscow Airlift, Marc Liebman

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In 1991, Gorbachev signs the historic US/Soviet grain deal, committing the Soviets to purchasing eight million tons of grain over the next five years. In response, inflation in the Soviet Union rises almost out of control, the government loses its iron grip on the population, and the Soviet parliament votes to dissolve the Soviet Union. Hardliners want Gorbachev out of power, and the Iranians see the turmoil as a chance to acquire tactical nuclear weapons. The United States realizing it was receiving conflicting intelligence on the situation in the Soviet Union sends Josh Haman to Moscow as an independent set of eyes and ears. On the day he arrives, a KGB general promises to give him the names and addresses of the man who ordered the killing of his first wife’s parents. Almost immediately, Haman’s mission expands from gathering intelligence on the volatile political situation to stopping the delivery of the nuclear weapons to the Iranians, all the while tormented by the desire to exact revenge. 

Moscow Airlift is a grippy, twisty-turny political thriller that will have its readers guessing from beginning to end thanks to the novels unpredictable nature and tense plot. As I read Moscow Airlift I felt myself compelled to read from very early on and I believe this is down to three factors. The three factors are one) the authors excellent writing that jumped off the page, two) the unique but intriguing premise of the story about a man that goes on a mission to uncover the truth and three) excellent plot devices such as shocking twists and turns that kept me turning the pages with haste! All three of these things kept me turning the pages and this is all thanks to the incredible author, Marc Liebman and his talent, but before I discuss his writing ability I would love to discuss the premise of the story.

Moscow Airlift I admit is a somewhat multi-layered novel with many themes and many plot avenues that if not perfectly written, could be confusing! We are lucky though book lovers that Moscow Airlift is not confusing and this is because Moscow Airlift is written by a well-accomplished author, so we are in safe hands book lovers! Moscow Airlift is based around a particular deal which was created and put in place in 1991, and the agreement involves a ‘US/Soviet grain deal, committing the Soviets to purchasing eight million tons of grain over the next five years.’ However, this deal has not been too successful and instead has sparked many conspiracies involving more than one country. The reader at this point will be introduced to the protagonist of the novel, Josh Haman who has been sent by the US Government to gather intelligence so they can get a grip on what is unraveling. Haman’s mission, however, will soon take a dark turn as nuclear weapons become involved and Haman’s situation becomes even more deadly, and this book lovers is the premise of the sensational Moscow Airlift.

Writing my review of Moscow Airlift is making me think one thought and this is that I want to reread it! When I read this book, I was hooked, and it is no surprise I felt this way as I adore thrillers more than any genre. The political/espionage aspects of this story are genuinely gripping, and as I have studied politics I found myself trying to visualize whether the events could happen and they so could which made the book even more intriguing for me!

Marc Liebman has many talents as an author, but his most apparent talent is that he is able to grasp his reader’s attention very soon into the novel. There are numerous ways he managed to do this, but one of the reasons is thanks to his exciting and unpredictable storyline that takes an in-depth and harsh look at the Government system and intelligence. Both of these themes are interesting so to read about them in great detail was fascinating and entertaining and screams to me that Liebman is a talent as he knows how to keep his readers entertained with not only his prose but his remarkable story and intriguing themes.

As Moscow Airlift is a truly compelling, intriguing, and positively unforgettable novel, I have no choice but to award this excellent book five stars! Also, the great thing about this book is that when you get hooked, there are many more books written by Marc Liebman so you can get lost in those too as Moscow Airlift is book five in his series!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much, I love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please comment below and let me know your thoughts on Moscow Airlift. Do you see yourself reading this book? Do you love the genre? Please let me know your brilliant thoughts below and I will be sure to comment back. Thank you so much again for reading!

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