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From birth through our teens we experience quite a bit of life that is out of our control. One could say we are not in command of our lives during that period. The responsibility for our overall well-being lies with our parents or other adults. Once we have reached the legal age of self-responsibility, we have more control over who we are. How our life turns out is now in our personal care. The one constant during these episodes, peaks, and valleys of our lives is changing. Some changes are for the better, others could be harmful to our growth. But make no mistake about it, no matter where we are in our life cycle, over time everything must and will change. How our guardians or we facilitate, those changes are the key to a productive and happy life. Misguided Intentions provides a great read of how its central character and others meet, interacted, accepted or even rejected change. They all are wrestling with obstacles thrown their way every day. Each deals with it in their own way. The unthinkable, the unimaginable, subtle and not so subtle shifts in personalities are clear for the reader to consume. Faith, hope, and love are traits most characters lean on in their development. You get to examine the life and family relationships during the mid-sixties through the mid-seventies. Civil Rights, Viet Nam War, Drugs, Sex, Rock and Roll, Rhythm & Blues and Free Love were the topics of the day. It’s an era when the younger generation looked to effect change in society. While the older more conservative folk wanted to retain the American way of life or status quo if you will. The central character, Annie Lee Holmes may seem like an enigma to us. She like us all has that bag full of life experiences weighing her down. You know…the one we keep adding to as we live our life. Her bags filled with mean spirited treatment from an assortment of people that would drive a less stronger person crazy. Now she has children and wonders what next. One husband has walked out on her and his children. Another has suddenly died after a year, leaving behind another child. Because of past experiences, she is not really sure how to be a human being much less a parent. She certainly would not categorize herself as having mental fortitude. Her environment is like playing a televised part in a murder mystery, Psychoanalysis Drama, or Days of Our Lives Soap Opera. The difference is many of these characters are from the other side of the track. Since she is allowed to survive; she continues to stumble on from day to day. Misguided Intentions paints a story of Annie Lee’s life journey and its effects on her ever-changing personality. The mantra is keeping your eyes on where you are going, not necessarily where you are at any given time. Be aware the twist and turns along the way never actually cease. Our job is to maneuver around and even through the obstacles. As that George Benson’s song says…”Everything must change, nothing stays the same.” Peace, Blessings and keep it real, Codis Hampton II

Misguided Intentions is one of the most hard-hitting, emotive and poignant novels I have ever had the pleasure of reading and a novel that installed fear as well as bewilderment in me. Misguided Intentions is not a book for the faint-hearted because it explores many dark and troubling themes, however, despite it featuring hard-hitting topics it is also a captivating book that is important. Misguided Intentions is an important story because of the themes it explores because they shed light on the real-life events that occur within the world and that is what makes Misguided Intentions a poignant novel that should be read and not missed.

Misguided Intentions will introduce the reader to the protagonist of the novel, Annie Lee Holmes and will take the readers back to the mid-sixties. It is during the mid-sixties that significant changes occurred in America, and topics of this decade included civil rights, free love and drugs, and rock and roll. The reader will be introduced to many characters along the way however Annie is the star. Annie has been through a lot but she never gives up, and the reader will follow her on her emotive journey, and this book lovers is the premise of the incredible Misguided Intentions; a novel that should not be missed!

The story of Misguided Intentions is not for the faint-hearted but the story, although upsetting is not so oppressive that you will struggle to read it. In fact, I found that the poignancy of the story and how hard-hitting it was compelled me to turn the pages even faster because I wanted to know about the events because I know it happens in the real world, but I do not know precisely how it happens. I believe it is essential to learn about the past and learn from it because with knowledge comes change and once people are equipped with the knowledge they can try and make a difference. That is why I am in awe of the exceptional author Codis Hampton II for writing such a poignant story so perfectly and for spreading knowledge and facts on the topics explored throughout the book.

Codis Hampton II is an incredible author who has written a notable story that will not be forgotten for a long time. Hampton clearly has a passion for sharing not commonly or openly discussed topics with his reader and these themes that Hampton shares will help inform readers and that is incredible as well as entertaining.

Not only is Codis Hampton a fantastic author for exploring such topics but he is also an excellent writer who knows how to grab and hold his reader from the start, even when tricky issues are discussed. You have to be careful when writing about themes that are upsetting because if you do not write about them correctly, there is a fear that the reader could stop reading. Hampton, however, is a master storyteller and knows precisely how to write his book so that readers are entertained from beginning to end and read without hesitation.

The literature courtesy of Codis Hampton was dramatic and compelling, from the start the reader is given exceptional descriptions and phenomenal literature that is full of twists and turns galore. The twists and turns laced throughout the book will intrigue the reader so much that their mind will be racing with potential endings.

Overall Misguided Intentions is a splendid novel that is guaranteed to entertain readers from beginning to end and so, I have no choice but to award the story five stars! If you are a reader looking to get lost in a thrilling book, then do not miss out! Be sure to have a read of the book preview below, you will not regret it!

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