Mineran Influence, P.N. Burrows

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Sam, an ex-soldier who is trying to rediscover himself after twenty years of service, unwittingly stumbles upon a mysterious alien presence in rural Wales. He is drawn into a tangled web of intrigue, pitting him against forces bent on destruction and putting his life in peril. Feeling mentally eroded by his time in the army and having worked hard to overcome this, he is thrust upon an alien journey that will change his life and beliefs in a profound way.

Claims of benevolence are only the beginning of the mysteries he’ll have to unravel as doubt and mistrust haunt him. He will have to form unlikely alliances in order to fathom the mysteries at the secret Mineran enclave, where intrigue, deception and imminent danger reside.

His journey for answers will introduce him to pernicious enemies with hidden agendas, as a heinous plot to kill him unravels. Can he defeat his personal demons to secure justice and discover the truth of who or what is behind the nefarious machinations and why?

Mineran Influence by PN Burrows is a thrilling science fiction novel that takes us, adventurous readers, on the journey of a lifetime! Mineran Influence captivated all of my attention from the very beginning with genuine and likable characters and an airtight storyline that keeps the pages turning of their own accord! I couldn’t get enough of the exhilarating narrative that kept me on the edge of my seat needing more. Mineran Influence by PN Burrows is the exciting first installment of Burrows’ tantalizing Mineran series that will entice both die-hard science fiction veterans and newcomers to the genre alike!

Sam is trying to piece himself back together after twenty years of service in the army. Rural Wales seems like the best place to heal his eroded mind, until one fateful day, Sam inadvertently discovers an alien presence that will thrust him on a journey that will change his beliefs irrevocably.

Seeking the truth behind the virulent alien lifeforms will force Sam to quickly form unlikely friendships and alliances, as he becomes ensnared in a mysterious web of hidden agendas, assassination attempts, and alien technology, unlike anything he has ever experienced.  A shroud of deception, intrigue, and impending doom surround the secret Mineran enclave. Can Sam defeat his demons in time to unravel an odious ploy to kill him, or will he succumb to his nefarious alien enemies and their hidden agendas?

Mineran Influence by PN Burrows is an extraordinary science fiction novel I couldn’t help but get lost in! I love how throughout Mineran Influence,  I felt as though I was there myself helping to unfurl a deadly alien mystery. Mineran Influence by PN Burrows grips the reader immediately sweeping us, beloved readers, up in a whirlwind adventure fueled by intrigue and filled with unforeseen twists and turns to the surprising end!

PN Burrows is a phenomenal science fiction author; he creates a chilling world in painstaking detail that will excite and entertain any reader. PN Burrows keeps us fully engaged in the storyline through his unique characterizations, flawless attention to detail, and consistent unpredictability in his narrative! I love the way PN Burrows makes us feel Sam’s emotional strife as he struggles with mistrust and doubt while forces beyond his comprehension seek to destroy him. PN Burrows has a rare authenticity that saddled with his intelligent, fast-paced writing style keeps us, voracious readers, hooked line and sinker, which shows what a remarkably talented author he is!

Mineran Influence by PN Burrows is an outstanding work of science fiction, an incredible thrill ride from start to finish! Mineran Influence will have any reader questioning the fabric of existence surrounding each and every one of us. PN Burrows has constructed a mysterious world laced with perils lurking around every corner that made my hair stand on end! Mineran Influence by PN Burrows is a prodigious piece of science fiction literature with relatable characters, a heart-pounding mystery, and benevolent alien forces bent on destruction. I enthusiastically and incontestably award Mineran Influence by PN Burrows five stars!

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P N Burrows

Thank you for taking the time and effort to review my book, Aimee. The fact that you enjoyed it so much is truly awesome. ‘Mineran Influence’ is the first of a five book series, the last book ‘Mineran Resolve’ has been written and is being edited as I type this. The series starts on Earth and I have tried to capture how aliens might view humanity and our desecration of the planet. The protagonist is an ex-soldier, who through the ordeals in the series finds a new purpose in life and realises that justice can prevail. I have kept the… Read more »


You know, I think I’ve only ever read about an alien presence in the American South West. I feel like this has to be really interesting just because the choice of setting is so new to me, and it’s just gravy that the book itself is great too!

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