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Duff Coleridge has joined the military and is leaving Melody Hill, his home in the misty mountains of Tennessee. It is 1966, and he is going to the war in Vietnam, but Duff has no choice. It was his only chance for a better life—something he needs desperately if he’s going to support his mother, sister and foster brother. Leaving them behind, he soon finds himself in a war he can’t even write home about.

With incredible marksmanship skill and the instincts of a natural warrior, Duff rapidly accelerates through the ranks until he draws the attention of someone in the shadowy world of black ops. Recruited into a Special Operations Group under a CIA boss who seems more rogue than company man, Duff soon regrets his new role. And when a beautiful but mysterious Vietnamese woman approaches him, Duff finds himself trapped in a web of love, lies, and loyalty. Should he trust his dubious leader’s assessment of this woman as a Vietcong spy, or should he trust his own instincts? Knowing that either decision could lead him into a deadly trap, Duff races to determine the truth before it’s too late.

Expertly crafted with historical accuracy and the author’s real-life military experiences as a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division, Melody Hill is a story you don’t want to miss. Book #1 of the Vietnam War Series, it is a thrilling prequel to Rick DeStefanis’s award-winning novel, The Gomorrah Principle.

Melody Hill: Prequel to The Gomorrah Principle is book one in The Vietnam War Series written by Rick DeStefanis and what a stellar first book it is. Military fiction and nonfiction have always been my go-to read because the military runs strong in my family and my husband is a Marine, so I always am on the lookout for the next best military read. Sadly over the years, I have started to notice military fiction is not what it used to be because it is usually written by those who have no military experience. This, in turn, makes all the technical moments in the book inaccurate and even the speech can be incorrect. Those who serve, talk in a particular way and if you do not nail the narrative then the whole book can fail. I admit that this is disappointing because it is my favorite genre and yet all the military books I seem to come across are inaccurate and full of silly action sequences. So! When I discovered Melody Hill by Rick DeStefanis and read that DeStefanis was a ‘paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division’ I thought “wait, am I finally going to get to read an accurate and incredible military book?!” and now that I have finished reading Melody Hill I can happily write that yes, I have and this is all thanks to DeStefanis and his incredible story and literature.

Melody Hill can only be described as a thrilling, exciting and action-packed novel that will have readers turning the pages with haste into the early hours of the morning. As I began to read Melody Hill, I was instantly impressed by the fast-paced narrative and how quickly I found myself pulled into the novel and this is thanks to DeStefanis’s ability to develop his plot and characters quickly so that the readers can become invested.

Melody Hill is a unique military fiction novel because it weaves more genres than just the military. Instead, it weaves romance and even a thriller aspect into its already incredible military theme and all of these genres and the themes in the novel are spun together expertly by the astonishing author Rick DeStefanis. In Melody Hill, the reader will be introduced to protagonist, Duff Coleridge, and it is safe to say that he has not had the best or easiest childhood. in fact, struggling quite a bit, Duff grows up fast in the rolling hills of East Tennessee, and learns to survive quickly because his father dies in a mining accident,thus forcing him to take the father figure role in the family unit as well as be a brother to his sister Lacey and foster brother Brady Nash. Growing up in East Tennessee in the 1960’s was hard for Duff, but he managed to survive. Keeping strong and hunting for food in the mountains provides him with incredible life skills, skills that will prove useful for the next chapter in his life.

The next chapter in Duff’s life will see him join the military and serve in the Vietnam War. Duff has no choice. He has to provide support for his family. Not long after joining Duff’s skills and incredible ‘marksmanship’ will see him move up the ranks and gain the attention of a CIA boss who has big but also terrifying plans for him. Duff is led to participate in some acts he would prefer not to, and these scenes are the most shocking of all. As well as this he soon meets a stunning but mysterious Vietnamese woman, as he becomes tangled not only a dangerous web but also a web of love. And this book lovers is the premise of the fascinating novel that is Melody Hill.

The story of Melody Hill is an incredible one and will intrigue readers from the start. If you are a reader who adores historical fiction then you will love Melody Hill because the author correctly takes his readers back in time to not only the Vietnam war but also explores what it was like to live in the 1960’s with not a lot of money. I adore the fact that this military book is set in the 60’s because it makes the book even more entertaining because the reader is taken back in time and given insight into a time that many of us have not seen before. It also helps that the author has military experience and so the book is full of accurate portrayals and moments which make the book feel even more real which in turn pulls you in deeper.

From the start of Melody Hill, the reader is immediately thrust into the thick of the story and left feeling as if their breath has been taken away by how fast the reader is pushed into the thick of the plot. I personally love this approach with a novel, especially if it is an action/military based one; what is the point in waiting for the action to start? None in my opinion so that is why I love how this excellent author decided to throw his readers into the story; it made for an exhilarating read, one that I would recommend to all of you lovely readers!

Rick DeStefanis is a newly discovered author of mine who is highly praised in the military genre for his accurate and thrilling novels, and I admit that I am kicking myself for not having found DeStefanis’s work sooner because never before have I been so entertained with a military book! To write a good action adventure/military story the reader needs to be fully immersed in the story and feel as if they are experiencing the same events as the protagonist(s). DeStefanis’s manages to accomplish this with his writing in Melody Hill, and is most certainly worthy of praise.

Not only is DeStefanis an outstanding writer for his ability to thrust his readers into the thick of the story, but he also is because he is able to describe all of the events that unravel perfectly. Every event and moment and even place is flawlessly described with a wealth of detail which in turn keeps the reader turning the pages while giving an accurate portrayal of what it was really like.

Overall Melody Hill is a gripping novel that is guaranteed to keep readers entertained for hours on end so I, of course, have to award the story five stars! Be sure to have a read of the preview below book lovers and also keep an eye out for my review for the second book in The Vietnam War series which is called The Gomorrah Principle… you do not want to miss it!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much, I love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please comment below and let me know your thoughts on Melody Hill. Do you see yourself reading this book? Do you love the genre? Please let me know your brilliant thoughts below and I will be sure to comment back. Thank you so much again for reading!

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