Masculinity Is Our Future, Tim Patten

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Masculinity has been invalidated and even seen as toxic for over four decades. However, a game-changing revolution is now underway. Inside this book is a ground-breaking, and all-inclusive understanding of what being masculine means. It destroys antiquated feminist stereotypes and demonstrates how manly traits are the world’s gold standard.

Based on years of study, hard data and cutting-edge research, these chapters offer uplifting insights about masculine definitions, understanding women, domestic violence, suicide, and rape.

These essays shine a light on the masculine virtues that liberate and protect our civilizations and they must be lionized, celebrated and valued. Human survival is at their mercy. It’s time that everyone witnesses the breathtaking future of these astounding qualities.

Millions of rebels, armchair enthusiast’s, and the general public have already risen in a counterculture movement. Are you ready to join the conversation?

Tim Patten is an author whose work I adore. I have grown to love Patten and his unique but entertaining novels so you can imagine how delighted I was to get my hands on Masculinity Is Our Future, a collection of essays written by Tim Patten that discusses an intriguing topic that will evoke debate as well as change thoughts and opinion thanks to Patten’s studies.

Masculinity Is Our Future is a nonfiction book in which Tim Patten explores the term masculinity and what it means. Patten describes that masculinity is a word that has been viewed as toxic for many decades now, but that masculinity is a word that should be praised instead of feared. Masculinity is a word that is misunderstood by many millions of people, maybe even a few billion but it is actually a word that should be celebrated as masculinity is not a bad thing to possess. It can be found in both men and woman and is not specific to the male gender.

Tim Patten explains in his book that masculinity is a word that is misunderstood and he does so in numerous essays written by him which are founded on research, many years of it, and studies into the evolution of the word and what it means to today to people but what it should instead mean. It makes for an eye-opening, gripping book that should not be missed by anybody.

The words in Masculinity Is Our Future is exceptional, not just because of Tim Patten’s incredible literature but because of the poignancy of them. The profound nature of this book is phenomenal and will take its readers on a journey of discovery. I myself found myself doubting the word associations I had previously thought of when I heard the word masculine. Patten challenges our thoughts and makes his readers aware of the troublesome topic and what the word really means and that to me is incredible.

The book of Masculinity Is Our Future is a short one, just under 200 pages but it is incredibly brilliant and full of a wealth of information. The knowledge laced throughout this book is quite simply sensational and compelled me to read from beginning to end. I am in awe of the author Tim Patten for the amount of research he has compiled into his story. It shows us, readers, that Patten is serious about this much-discussed topic and is passionate enough about it to make sure that his research is well conducted and thorough.

As Masculinity Is Our Future is a poignant, enlightening and gripping book I have no choice but to award this stunning piece of nonfiction Five Stars thanks to its incredible themes and eye-opening nature!

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