Mary’s Son, Darryl Nyznyk


Eleven-year-old Sarah Stone is lonely in a mansion amidst butlers, nannies, housekeepers, and a father who is too busy for her. She is angry at the world. On the other side of town, in a slum called the Sink, Jared Roberts and his gang barely survive broken families and a hardscrabble existence. Jared, too, is angry, and intends to do something about it. 

He eyes Sarah’s mansion for a pre-Christmas burglary that will show the world who he really is. Into this mix comes a mysterious little man named Nicholas, who intrigues, yet scares, Sarah and Jared. 

Against incredible doubt and cynicism, Nicholas tries to guide the two youths away from their anger and the suffering that will follow, only to realize he can not move them. Finally, he whisks them to another time and place where a Christmas long ago teaches them the true meaning of life in a way they never imagined.MARY’S SON is a modern tale of the fears and passions of youth overcome by the wonder of the real Christmas story.

Mary’s Son has to be one of the best Christmas based novels I have ever had the pleasure of reading. When I read the description of Mary’s Son, I thought “wow, now this is a story I need to read!” and read it and love it I did book lovers. Mary’s Son is a compelling novel that is the perfect novel for those looking to be taken on a captivating but an emotive journey. The story the reader will encounter in Mary’s Son is shocking but also sensational, and unlike anything, I have read before. As I read the book I noticed that the story is shrouded in a tremendous amount of poignancy and the reader will not be able to guess where the plot is going at all, and that is thanks to the talented author Darryl Nyznyk and how thrilling his literature is and how incredible his ability to keep her reader guessing from beginning to end is.

Mary’s Son is a breathtaking novel that will introduce the reader to the protagonist of the book, Sarah Stone. Sarah Stone is eleven years old, and she lives a ‘comofrtable life’ thanks to her father’s wealth. However, Sarah is always alone, and so she is angry at the world. The reader will then be introduced to another character in the novel, Jared Roberts. Jared comes from a broken home and lives in a slum however he plans to rob Sarah’s mansion before Christmas but when he does unexpected things happen.

The reader will then be introduced to a wise man called Nicholas who makes them realize the true meaning of life by whisking them away to a previous Christmas, and this book lovers is the premise of the incredible Mary’s Son – a novel that should really not be missed!

The story of Mary’s Son is well-developed with many layers that are all intricately well-developed as well as intriguing. The multiple layers throughout Mary’s Son, are fascinating and will have readers minds racing with thoughts as the reader is compelled to think about the poignant themes at the heart of the story. As I read Mary’s Son I loved the feeling of being challenged; I liked having to invest myself fully in the story as I tried to think about the many poignant moments in the book. Darryl Nyznyk is an incredible author because he manages to pull the reader into the novel, captivate them and compel them to read from beginning to end and Nyznyk does this by lacing twists and turns throughout his book which will keep readers on edge. I tried to predict the plot many times, but Nyznyk’s story is so unpredictable that I could never once guess it correctly! The fact that the plot is so unpredictable makes it enthralling from beginning to end, and this is all thanks to the genius writer Darryl Nyznyk.

Mary’s Son is incredibly captivating thanks to its incredible heart laced throughout the book as well as the author’s stellar writing that compelled me to read from the very beginning. Nyznyk can only be described as a literary talent as he knows how to captivate his readers from the start. Nyznyk is a writer who does not hold back, he thrusts his reader into the thick of the drama very early on, and he keeps them turning the pages thanks to his excellent descriptive powers.

Darryl Nyznyk is soon becoming a favorite author of mine, and this is thanks to his gorgeous, and abundant literature that will perfectly enthrall a reader. The writing laced throughout this book can only be described as compelling thanks to the glorious descriptions of the places and the characters the reader encounters. The readability of Nyznyk’s book is terrific, and the reader will find themselves turning the pages into the early hours of the morning… I know I did!

Overall Mary’s Son is a stunning piece of fiction that will thrill and excite its readers, and so I have no choice but to award this brilliant book five stars! If you are a reader who is looking to get lost in a fascinating Christmas tale, then this book is definitely for you so please, do not miss out on the opportunity of reading this superb book!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much, I love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please comment below and let me know your thoughts on Mary’s Son. Do you see yourself reading this book? Do you love the genre? Please let me know your brilliant thoughts below and I will be sure to comment back. Thank you so much again for reading!

Goodbye for now book lovers,

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