Make a Wish for Me: A Family’s Recovery from Autism, LeeAndra M. Chergey

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When LeeAndra Chergey is told that her son, Ryan, is no longer considered “normal,” she and her family are forced into a new way of handling the outside world. Together, Chergey’s family and a team of carefully chosen therapists put in years of hard work, and eventually teach Ryan to speak and express emotions. Through it all, Chergey follows her heart—and in the process, she learns that being “normal” is not nearly as important as providing your child with a life full of joy, love, and acceptance. Tender and candid, Make A Wish For Me is a story of accepting and tackling a disability stigmatized and misunderstood by society.

Memoirs narrated from the perspective of a parent have been my go to read of late; as a mother of four, I adore reading books about parenting as they stress the importance of knowing you are not alone. Parenting at times can be difficult and nearly all parents will struggle at a point so that is why parenting books are the perfect companion for those that need to know they are not alone. Make a Wish for Me: A Family’s Recovery from Autism is a book that will let readers know that they are not alone and that it is ok to struggle at times. LeeAndra Chergey, the superb author of Make a Wish for Me, poignantly narrates her experiences raising her son Ryan who has Autism. Although I do not have a child with Autism, Make a Wish for Me is still very much a relatable book for me and will be too many parents as LeeAndra’s wisdom and insightful knowledge and experience, will be inspirational to all parents and that is one of the many reasons why Make a Wish for Me is a memoir that needs to be read by every parent.

Make a Wish for Me is an honest, moving, poignant memoir that will move and inspire its readers in more than one way. Make a Wish for Me is written by LeeAndra Chergy, the mother of Ryan and she openly discusses the triumphs and challenges of raising a son with Autism. Many families will project an image of serenity but LeeAndra is an honest woman who realizes that this would be projecting a false image which will make those who do not have an always serene family, feel upset when they see the ‘perfect’ family. The sad truth is, is that no family is perfect and LeeAndra openly discusses this in Make a Wish for Me while expressing the challenges of parenting in the hope that it will resonate with fellow parents and help parents.

LeeAndra is an admirable woman whose book I adore; one quality I admire most about LeeAndra is her love for her family. Laced throughout the pages of Make a Wish for Me, LeeAndra pours her heart and soul into her memoir which expresses her love and devotion to her family. Never before have I read a memoir full of so much heart, as I read Make a Wish for Me I could feel LeeAndra’s love for her family shine of the page and this compelled me even more to turn the pages.

LeeAndra is not only an admirable woman but also a flawless writer who has wonderfully written her memoir in a compelling and heartfelt way. LeeAndra’s beautiful words will ensure that readers are engrossed from the first page to the very last. In my opinion, LeeAndra has wonderfully mastered the difficult skill to capture a readers attention from the first page and hold it throughout; I believe she has accomplished this thanks to her easy to read writing, which is full of moving moments and her effortless skill to make the reader feel as if she is speaking directly to you.

Make a Wish for Me is a memoir that will appeal and resonate with all parents. However, it will benefit those who have a child with Autism as LeeAndra honestly describes her experiences and challenges and this will help many parents. Sadly, there is not enough awareness about Autism, I believe charities have made brilliant strides over the last few years, but it is still a topic that is not openly discussed. As the topic is still not openly discussed, many parents will not know that their child has Autism, which can be difficult for the child in question because they are not receiving the help they need, both from the parents as well as school authorities. Schools in particular need to know how to spot the signs, they need to know because they may think the child is ‘acting out’ but really, they have a condition and struggle with social interactions and that is why children with Autism can sometimes angrily express this. That is why books such as Make a Wish for Me are vital as they stress the importance of better awareness to help the children and parents.

Make a Wish for Me is truly a breath-taking, heartfelt, inspiring memoir that I believe all parents should read. As well as it including useful information and knowledge on a topic that is not openly discussed, it is also an incredibly well written one with words that flow beautifully throughout. I adored this memoir, and so I have no choice but to award Make a Wish for Me five stars!

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