The Key To Survival, Daniel M. Warloch

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The story begins when twelve-year-old Jake Hollywood finds an envelope on his way to school one morning. Unexplainably, he feels it is drawing him towards it, and he bends to pick it up. 

And then it happens…

Just as he touches the envelope, a stream of white light bursts from it, blinding him. He hears a cacophony of distant sirens, and a thunderclap so loud it shakes the earth beneath him. And when Jake finally plucks up his courage, he discovers a newspaper inside the envelope: TITANIC SINKS FOUR HOURS AFTER HITTING ICEBERG…
Moments later, he finds himself in the bowels of the ill-fated ocean liner, and over a hundred years in the past. Armed only with the knowledge of what will happen if he does nothing—and a mysterious key he finds in the maze of corridors—Jake has to try to save the ship and himself while being chased by someone who will do almost anything to stop him.

So book your ticket, board the doomed ship, and find out if Jake will be able to change history, or find out why he was chosen to be transported back in time, as the Titanic crosses the Atlantic Ocean, on its way to New York…

But even if he does both, will Jake Hollywood ever manage to return to the present?

The Key To Survival is a book I am in love with. As I begin to write my review I am flooded with the memories of reading this book with my children and I admit, I am longing to author’s! The story laced throughout this book is an incredible one which will captivate all readers from the very first page. As a mother who is keen for my children to learn about historical events The Key To Survival was the perfect read for them as is combines history with fantasy in the most informative but entertaining way. That is one of the many reasons why I am madly in love with this book and why I would recommend it for all children and recommend it be in school for young children to read.

The Key To Survival is an incredible fantasy novel that combines history with fantastic literature. The story follows the protagonist of the book, twelve year old Jake Hollywood as he finds a lone envelope on his journey to school and in his curious state he decides to pick it up but when he does something incredible happens. As Jake touches the envelope a bright light erupts from it, blinding him in the process as the ground beneath him shakes all while he hears distant sirens and a host of different sounds.

Jake is soon able to open the envelope and when he does he notices that it contains a newspaper article with the headline reading: Titanic Sinks Four Hours After Hitting Iceberg – and in an instant, he is transported back a hundred years into the past to the ocean liner – The Titanic.

Jake will soon go on an adventure to try and save the ship as well as the lives of those on it. Will he be able to use his knowledge from the future to help save the ship and its hosts? Read the incredible The Key To Survival to find out!

Never before have I read a children’s book quite like this one and I am going to type a bold statement, but this is by far the best children’s book I have ever read. I understand that this statement is bold but I have read a lot of children books with my children and although many of them are fantastic, they were missing something for me. The Key To Survival, however, has everything I wanted and so much more. It has excellent writing, poignant moments, action-packed scenes to keep my children entertained and a great in-depth look into a moment of history that nobody will ever forget. The inclusion of history in this book is what makes it so brilliant, of course the literature is the star but the fact that this book is based on such a poignant event that children should all know about makes me love it even more.

I am a woman who adores everything about the past and I particularly love the year 1910 and 1920 so of course I was always going to love this book! What I love the most besides the authors superb literature is the fact that Daniel M. Warloch, the incredibly talented writer of this book was so vivid in his descriptions of the Titanic. As I read this book with my children, I myself felt that I was aboard the Titanic with its decadence and glory. Warloch brought the Titanic to life once more in his book and this is amazing to read but also incredible for children to read as it teaches them about the Titanic, what it was like to be aboard and the sad events that happened.

Daniel M. Warloch is a genius, again I know this is a bold statement but it is true; the fact that he has incorporated fantasy with history and made it fun for children makes him a genius. Author’s, in general, are incredible because they are able to reach so many people in the world and the fact that this book will reach many children makes me a happy woman as all children need to have the pleasure of reading this book.

Not only is this book full of great, action-packed moments but it is also packed full of engrossing literature. Warloch is a talented writer who has a talent for being incredibly descriptive and to captivate his readers and so, I have no choice but to award this stunning piece of fiction a dazzling Five Stars! Please, if you are looking for a great book for your children to get lost in then The Key To Survival is a book that should be read!


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P.S. How beautiful is the cover of this book! Also the faded key in the cover is one that is important and if you read this book you will find out why! The incredible cover is designed by Andrew Rowland so if you are looking for a great artist I would recommend commenting and hopefully he will see it!

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