Just Give Them a Hug . . . and the Rest Will Be Easy, Brett H. Weiss

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In 2009, Brett Weiss decides he wants to volunteer in Kenya. A teacher in high school economics, US history, and international relations, he has a particular interest in experiencing immersion in a community where he will learn firsthand about the difficulties of the aftermath of colonialism. Determined to ask questions and listen, he makes his first trip to Dago, a small village in Western Kenya. As a teacher, his curiosity is riveted on the children and the education system. What he learns in Dago shakes his world and opens his eyes to the void that is eroding the potential success of the next generation.

Brett returns to the US quite moved by his experience in Kenya, realizing that many of the children he met would never be able to get an education and escape abject poverty. This is the impetus for him to start the Bernard and Else Weiss Dago Scholarship Fund, named after his parents. His goal is to sponsor as many young people as he can through high school, and he sets out with the passion and sincerity that have made his program so successful.

Brett’s book implores readers to support this mission in whatever way possible. The need is enormous; the smallest token of interest or help can bring about the grandest results. He also encourages readers to take their own personal journey, asking: Is it your time to start this journey? 

Just Give Them a Hug… and the Rest Will Be Easy is a poignant, moving piece of nonfiction that every reader should have the pleasure of reading. Just Give Them a Hug is an incredibly moving piece of nonfiction as it chronicles a mans incredible journey as he volunteers in Kenya; a country that is poor and lacks education for its children. Brett H. Weiss, the man who took this journey and the man who wrote this beautiful memoir, is a man I admire thanks to his selflessness to help those in need. Not only is Just Give Them a Hug a knowledgeable book as it brings the readers awareness to such issues Kenya faces, but it is also an inspirational read as it will inspire readers to do more to help those in need and that is a beautiful message.

Just Give Them a Hug is a missionary memoir which chronicles the life and journey of the incredible author, Brett H. Weiss. Brett’s journey begins in 2009 as he decides he wants to volunteer in Kenya. Brett is an educated, knowledgeable man who teaches topics such as Economic, US history, and international relations. Brett knew that he had to help those in Kenya, so he got on a plane and arrived there, only to be shocked by how dire the situation was. As the reader follows Brett on his journey, the reader will witness him teach and help those in desperate situations and it is incredibly moving to read about.

Brett H. Weiss is a phenomenal man and incredibly selfless for being so kind to volunteer. Brett’s journey is one of inspiration and glory, it shows us, readers, that even the smallest bit of help to those in need can dramatically change their life. What I adore the most about Brett, besides how wonderful he is for volunteering, is the fact that he has also written a book on the subject and his experiences. I admire him for this because it brings the readers attention to the situations happening in the world as well as how we can change and do better and for that, he is admirable.

Not only is Brett H. Weiss an incredible human being, but he is also a talented writer whose story flows beautifully throughout. I found myself turning the pages with haste as I desperately wanted to know what was going to happen in the story and whether Brett would fulfill all that he wanted to do.

As Just Give Them a Hug is a poignant, moving memoir that can evoke change in a person as well as inspire them to do more, I have no choice but to award this stunning book a dazzling Five Stars!

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