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Author Spotlight

J.A. Anderson, also known as Judith A. Anderson is an incredible woman and a phenomenal talent who has recently written her first novel titled Rogue Waves. A short while ago I reviewed Rogue Waves and my verdict was that “Rogue Waves is an incredibly moving, fantastic novel that gripped and hooked my attention from the prologue alone.” and so I awarded the fantastic book a dazzling five stars. As J.A. Anderson is a talented wordsmith it is only right that she receives her very own author spotlight. In my spotlight, I will be interviewing J.A. Anderson and her questions are wonderful but before I share the Q&A, here is a short author bio.

J. A. Anderson was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1967, and moved to Naples Florida in 1973.  She is not only a published author and freelance writer, but is a Florida Registered Paralegal with approximately thirty years of experience, specializing in the field of real estate.  She lives and writes from her home in Naples, Florida.  Judith is an animal lover, romantic at heart and an avid reader.  When not writing or thinking about writing, she can be found either reading the latest romance/mystery/suspense/action novel, listening to her very extensive and eclectic collection of music, horseback riding, cooking or baking.  On top of everything else, she is a self-taught baker/cake decorator and creates one-of-a-kind specialized cakes for weddings, anniversary’s, birthdays, etc.  She lives with her very understanding and patient husband of twenty-six years, their dog, cat, horse, donkey and four parrots.  Rogue Waves is her first novel.

J.A. Anderson is clearly a talented and very busy woman! It is admirable how she manages to juggle so much in her life and write a noteworthy book. J.A. Anderson is a fantastic woman and you will read this in our Q&A, which is here now for you lovely book lovers.

I have actually been writing since High School. I had an English teacher who taught creative writing, and one assignment, in particular, was to come up with a fictional animal that didn’t exist in the real world. You had to name your animal and explain it’s habitat what it liked to eat Etc. I have always had a large imagination and this subject matter hit home with me and it was a lot of fun to write. once I started writing about my fictional animal I couldn’t stop. By the way, I still remember my fictional animals name was a Picky poo.  I got an A on that assignment.

The Rogue series is planned to be a 4 book series at least. one book dedicated to each main character.  One each for Colt, TJ, Hunter, and Jake. I am currently working on the second installment which revolves around TJ. I hope to have that installment available toward the end of this year if not sooner. as a side note, I have 2 other series that I have begun that are completely separate from the Rogue series. 1 series revolves around a motorcycle club and the other revolves around a family full of law enforcement officers in the south and their personal struggles and adventures.   I haven’t decided on when those will be released.  Both series still need editing and polishing…

My advice would be to never give up, be patient but tenacious at the same time and always write about what interests and inspires you the most. It took me approximately a year to a year-and-a-half of writing, editing, re-writing, researching,  re-editing, etc before I came up with the final version of rogue waves that is out today.  Just being able to complete a book is an accomplishment in itself and if you have gotten that far, kudos!  There are a lot of people who write that haven’t gotten even that far.  To have the courage and self-confidence to actually have a disinterested third party read your book or novel and actually like it is one of the most exhilarating feeling ever.  and that is before ever getting the book published. I admit it is hard to put yourself out there for others to criticize and critique your work but if you stick with it and take constructive criticisms well you will find the time and effort you put into your book will be well worth it in the end.

Truth be told I don’t sleep a lot.  I only require or get, however you want to look at it, about four to five hours of sleep a night.  I usually like to write late at night and into the wee hours of the morning when my house is quiet and I can write uninterrupted for hours on end.  Sometimes I will be somewhere or doing something that will give me a great idea for another storyline or event for whatever I am currently writing at the moment and I can be found either dictating the idea into my phone or writing it down in a notebook that I always carry with me.

Because of my type “A” personality and career as a paralegal, I can multitask with the best of them so I tend to have a lot of “pokers in the fire”, if you will, at the same time.  It’s my normal and I seem to work best when I know I have something that needs to be completed.  And if you want to know the truth, I don’t do well with being idle.  I always have to be busy with a project or a deadline whether it be in my 9 to 5 job or self-imposed.  I tend to get bored otherwise.

For instance, at the moment I have three different novels that I am working on.  The second installment of Rogue Waves and the first installment of two different novels yet to be named.  When the mood strikes or I come up with an idea for any of the three I will sit and write until I literally can’t continue with that specific train of thought anymore.  Once that happens I will either move on to write in one of my other novels, because I am in the “writing mood” if you will, or I will sit down and read or I will bake (both of which are very calming experience for me) until the mood strikes again.

Book lovers, how wonderful is J.A. Anderson! Her phenomenal answers and wisdom will hopefully inspire all readers and aspiring authors. We are nearing the end of my author spotlight however below there is a preview of Rogue Waves as well as a link for my review of Rogue Waves and links relating to J.A. Anderson. Thank you so much for reading!

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J.A. Anderson

Aimee Ann Thank you so much for this amazing spotlight and kind words. I am very honored that you chose to write about me and my novel. The interview process was fun and with the end result, well worth it! I hope all that take the time to read not only my spotlight and review but other author’s spotlights and works as well, truly appreciate your time, effort and passion that you put into creating this blog every day. Thank you again for all you do! And as I like to say, Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Read!

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