Be A Hater: A Polemic on the Hater Mindset, Wes Parham

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What do Taylor Swift, Cognitive Psychology, Gucci Mane, Dissent, and The Most Dangerous Person Alive have in common? The answer is the “Hater Mindset”. In “Be A Hater” Dr. Parham examines the emergence of the “Hater Mindset” in contemporary culture. This book delves into a subtle and subconscious cultural shift in the concept of a “hater”. The shift from viewing a “hater” as someone trying to hold you back or stop you from succeeding to viewing a “hater” as anyone who disagrees or dissents from your opinion. This shift while subtle has strong implications for critical thinking, the value of relationships, an individual’s happiness, cognitive entitlement, and more. In “Be A Hater” Dr. Parham brings this subconscious shift to the surface and equips the reader to counter its effects by challenging them to “Be A Hater!”

Be A Hater: A Polemic on the Hater Mindset is a fascinating book that takes an in-depth look at the ‘hater mindset.’ Today in modern culture the term hater is everywhere and even branded on clothing and items that some young people love to wear and use. The term hater has been made famous by many celebrities but what does the term actually mean? Wes Parham, the author of this enlightening book, takes a look into the term and how the term hater now has new meanings. Be A Hater makes for a truly intriguing read, one that I believe that all readers should read as its insight will change the way you think about this term.

Be A Hater is written by the incredible Wes Parham and in his book, he explores the hater mindset and examines how in modern culture it emerged. Wes explores in his book that there has been a cultural shift of the work hater and its meanings and how it has gone from a word that implies that somebody is trying to stop you succeed to the term most thought of now as somebody who detests your opinion. These two meanings are still very much attached to this term and Wes explores this in his book in a cognitive psychology way that makes for a fascinating and memorable read.

Wes Parham is a well-accomplished man not just for writing an exceptional book but also because he is a higher education professional. As Wes is a talented academic man, he is well informed to explore the subjects in this novel as he has well-founded research and knowledge on the subject. Wes’s writing is full of incredible knowledge that will enlighten many readers on the topics explored. As I read this book I found myself learning new things which in turn kept me turning the pages with haste as I so desperately wanted to learn more!

Wes Parham is a man who is not afraid to share his thoughts, and I admire him so much for this. He brazenly shares his thoughts on a number of subjects, and the result is an incredible read that is actually sometimes very funny thanks to the humor he perfectly injects in his book. As Be A Hater is a book that possesses new knowledge and incredible insight I have no choice but to award this stunning piece of nonfiction five stars!

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