Golden Words: The A to Z Toolkit for Changing Your Life One Word at a Time, Sally Stone Ed.D.

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When author Sally Stone returned from her near death experience (NDE), she was certain she’d be okay. But she wasn’t. Doctors told her she was headed for life in a wheelchair with chronic pain, but she knew from the messages she received during her NDE that life in a wheelchair was not her destiny.

She translated her experience of angels into “golden words” and navigated her own healing process using “golden words,” self-hypnosis & meditation processes, whole foods, and complementary medicine. After successfully incorporating “golden words” into her hypnosis and health coaching practice, she wrote this book to share “golden words” and techniques for using them to create powerful, positive changes in any area of your life.

Golden Words shows you how to use “golden words” with hypnosis & meditation techniques to create powerful mantras, affirmations, prayers, and autosuggestions that can transform pain and life challenges into greater ease, joy, and inner peace.

You will learn how to trigger a significant shift in how you feel mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually using golden words with your preferred learning styles, your imagination, pleasant memories, and many other simple techniques. The stories, tools, and principles in Golden Words, illustrate step-by-step how to make these meaningful, positive changes whether they are obstacles to reaching important goals; physical, emotional, or spiritual pain; or a restless, stressed out mind.

With more than 2,000 golden words, twenty-six self-guided meditations and ten easy steps to self-hypnosis, positive change is literally only one word away.

“Golden words” provide a direct way for everyone of us to tap into the positive vibration of angels and activate positive change in our lives using focused intention and hypnosis. As one reviewer said, “If I had been “wishing on a star” for a guidebook to navigate the next turn in my life path, my wish came true with the publication of Golden Words.”

Golden Words: The A to Z Toolkit for Changing Your Life One Word at a Time is one of the most outstanding, beautiful and memorable self-help/spiritual guides I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Sally Stone is the author of Golden Words and in her book, she will take her readers on a journey of healing and this journey will provide readers with the tools to live a happier and healthier life. As I read Golden Words I felt myself instantly charmed by Sally and her mesmerizing words, as I read them I found myself turning the pages ever faster but at the same time I also wanted to read it very slowly because I wanted to soak in every chapter and every word because I knew from reading it, it would have the ability to change my life and it can change yours too.

Golden Words is written by Sally Stone, and Sally is an incredible woman full of a wealth of insight and wisdom and in her book Golden Words she shares her wealth of wisdom to help us. Sally had a near death experience, and this is the premise of her book, her near death experience changed her life and injured her greatly and doctors told her that she would be in a wheelchair with chronic pain. Sally however during her near-death experience had an experience which she remembers, and she knew that it was not her destiny to live the rest of her life out in a wheelchair and so she started to think more about her experience and then created a list of ‘golden words’ to help with her healing process. Sally’s golden words are essentially powerful affirmations which will provide readers with the tools to help their life, however, Sally does not only list her golden words but instead much more in her book. As well as Sally’s golden list of words, she also explores meditation, self-hypnosis, ‘complementary medicine’ and ‘whole foods’ and all of these topics are perfectly weaved together by Sally.

The purpose of these techniques and golden words is to improve your life and make powerful as well as positive changes to the aspects of your life that you wish. All of these techniques are techniques that Sally herself practiced in her recovery, and they greatly helped her and so that is why she has written her book so she can share her experiences and techniques she has tried and practiced so we too can live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives and find inner peace and joy.

Throughout Golden Words there are many chapters and many topics explored but instead of them being confusing and hard to navigate, the book is actually incredibly accessible, and Sally will guide you through every step, making sure you are informed at every stage so that you are never left behind or confused. Sally does this by organizing all of her categories perfectly and doing a step by step guide so that you can make the powerful and positive changes you wish to. I adore how Sally made her book so accessible and easy to navigate and practice because many self-help books can be the opposite which in turn can stall your ability to make a change.

Sally Stone is an incredible woman and one I admire thanks to her journey and for sharing it with us readers. I admire Sally for sharing her story and being so open, this is rare to come across, so the fact that she has shows us that she really cares about other peoples happiness and making sure we all live our best possible lives and that to me is really beautiful.

Golden Words is a unique but special book because it is in part a memoir as well as a self-help/learning guide and although it may seem like none of this would compliment or ‘gel’ with each other, it does, and that is thanks to Sally Stone’s ability to weave the topics flawlessly together. Golden Words is in part a first-hand account of Sally’s life and her spiritual transformation over the years after her near death experience. Sally throughout Golden Words will share her journey and while she does she informs us of all of the tips and techniques she has learned over the years and shares them with us in an easy and accessible way. Sally Stone’s story in itself will help readers learn more but as well as this she also shares a lot of evidence to support her findings and beliefs and even shares wisdom on how the reader can live a more fulling life as well as how to find your inner peace and joy.

The literature laced throughout Golden Words is incredible as well as useful and has a great ability to help those in need and help those who are looking to gain more understanding and reach a higher plane of spiritualism and understanding. Sally is a fantastic woman for many reasons, but the two core readers are because she has written her book in such a way that is accessible to all readers from all backgrounds and lifestyles and she is also fantastic thanks to her awe-inspiring literature. The literature courtesy of Sally is honest, breathtaking and candid and the result of this is captivating and makes Golden Words a book that should not be missed.

What I love the most about Golden Words is Sally’s obvious passion and dedication to sharing her wisdom with readers all over the world. As I read the book, I did so with a smile and a pure feeling of delight because I sensed the joy in Sally’s words and how she is trying to make the world and peoples lives better with her literature and that is an incredible and poignant factor about the book.

Overall Golden Words is a stellar read that can enrich, benefit and change many peoples lives so I, of course, have to award this dazzling book five stars! If you are a reader who is looking to explore such topics, then I would recommend this gem of a book… you won’t regret it!

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