Galactic Mandate, M.R. Richardson

Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction & Space Opera

The galaxy is in turmoil. Two warring powers, the Acolyte Empire and the Clone Defense Force, vie for supremacy. The son of the Acolyte Emperor God-Reign, Devante lives a life of power and luxury. Since childhood, he has devoted his life to freeing the clone slaves throughout the galaxy. But he uncovers a secret that goes to the heart of the empire he loves and serves that will set him on a course of vengeance and destruction. 

Galactic Mandate: A Radical Cause by M.R. Richardson is an action-packed science fiction thriller that gripped me immediately! From the very first page Galactic Mandate: A Radical Cause thrusts us, adventurous readers, into an exciting world riddled with war-driven dangers that will terrify as well as excite readers from start to finish. Galactic Mandate: A Radical Cause captivated all of my attention, as I read the book I couldn’t stop reading’ I anxiously turned the pages needing more as the suspense and tension rise to an exhilarating conclusion… one that should not be missed book lovers!

The Alcolyte Empire and the Clone Defense Force are warring for dominance,  spreading chaos through the galaxy.  Devante has lead a lavish life in power as the son of the Alcolyte empire God-Reign. Devante’s sole devotion has been to free slaves across the galaxy until he discovers a secret tied to the root of his beloved empire he has served. Danger is ripe in a galaxy filled with spies, assassins, God empowers, slaves, queens, and princesses as he embarks on a path of destruction fueled by vengeance. Who will be victorious in the war for supremacy?

Galactic Mandate: A Radical Cause by M.R. Richardson is a masterpiece space opera reminiscent of works as great as The Star Wars saga that should not be missed! I love the incredible action coupled with magnificent storytelling that brings the pages to life. I was engrossed in the power struggle between the Alcolyte Empire and the Clone Defense Force, driven to uncover the truth behind both sides before ultimately choosing who I hoped would win the war, which I genuinely love. Galactic Mandate: A Radical Cause by M.R. Richardson left me breathless as each shocking new twist and turn unfolded!

M.R. Richardson is a phenomenal science fiction author whose literature should not be missed and enjoyed by all sci-fi readers. Richardson creates a stunning labyrinth of unique and intricate worlds being torn by two warring powers vying for preeminence. M.R Richardson keeps his epic tale unique by not painting either side in hues of good and evil, light and dark. He maintains a realistic authenticity showing the good and bad actions in both,  providing us, fervent readers, with an alluring question. Who should win this war? M.R. Richardson boasts a plethora of memorable characters; he breathes exquisite life into each individual character which shows how undeniably talented M.R. Richardson is as an author!

Overall Galactic Mandate: A Radical Cause by M.R. Richardson is a remarkable piece of science fiction literature I enjoyed immensely! I love the exhilarating action sequences that kept the intricate narrative electrifying. The vast variety of views and personalities amongst the characters really drew me in, and would resonate with any reader! Galactic Mandate: A Radical Cause by M.R. Richardson has a sensational narrative, prodigious characterization, and nail-biting space battles I couldn’t get enough of. I unambiguously and enthusiastically award Galactic Mandate: A Radical Cause by M.R. Richardson five stars!

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