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Bad luck seems to follow Grace Fortune wherever she goes. She was orphaned at a young age, and her musical talent got her accepted to a prestigious school for the arts, where she was caught in the middle of horrific school shooting that nearly takes her life.

But then she meets gorgeous loner, Jared Lorn, and falls madly in love. There is only one problem. Jared is not exactly human. He’s a Nephilim, an angel/human hybrid, descended from a cursed line of fallen angels known as the Watchers.

Having a half-demon boyfriend who’s under a curse from God can be tough enough. But then Grace decides that she wants to help free Jared from the curse by killing his angel father, Azazel, who is bound up in the Abyss, where he will be judged at the End of Days.

She has a powerful ally in her guardian angel Ariel, who has given her a weapon: a Song that can tame demons. With a crew of loyal friends, Grace and Jared will travel to the ends of the earth, battling the forces of heaven and hell that seek to defeat them. Yet as their love grows stronger, they will find themselves in danger of succumbing to the very corruption that caused the Watchers’ downfall.

Forlorn by Gina Detwiler is a sensational page-turning supernatural fantasy novel with a crisp new spin on human and Nephilim romance that should not be missed! Forlorn takes us on a harrowing whirlwind journey with unbridled dangers, and the courage to face them. I love how unique and memorable each character is, all working together to help break the curse, it made for a thrilling read, one that should not be missed!

Grace Fortune’s life has not been very fortunate. She is orphaned at a young age when she is the sole survivor of a horrific car fire that tragically takes her family’s lives. Just as it seems her luck may have changed when she is accepted to a prestigious school of the arts, Grace is caught in the middle of a terrifying school shooting while celebrating her sixteenth birthday in the cafeteria. With the help of her guardian angel Ariel, tall and mysterious loner, Jared Lorn saves Grace from another unfortunate fatal tragedy. Grace falls deeply in love with Jared, but he is not quite what he seems. Cursed for the sins of his father,  Jared is a half-demon, Nephilim, descended from a line of fallen angels known as The Watchers.

Armed with a song to tame demons, from her guardian angel Ariel; Grace, Jared, and their steadfast group of friends will travel the world battling the forces of heaven and hell to free Jared from his curse from God.  By killing his father Azazel,  they hope to lift the curse, but as the dangers surmount, will their love be strong enough to fight the same corruption that sowed the seeds of the Watchers demise?

Forlorn by Gina Detwiler is an enchanting tale of the power of love pushing us further than we ever dared dream possible and there is no plight to daunting for Grace, to save Jared from his father’s curse. I love how Gina Detwiler seamlessly weaves Grace’s musical talents into the fabric of the storyline, taming demons with her melodic song. I had chills running down my spine, completely immersed in the beauty and wonder! I found the hours toiled away without notice once I picked up Forlorn by, the incredible author, Gina Detwiler. The action and suspense begins immediately with the loss of her family, and carries through an elaborate web to the very end; I love how unpredictable the storyline was, always keeping me guessing and needing more until the astonishing conclusion.

Gina Detwiler is an unmatched fantasy author, she creates a stunning new world in breathtaking fashion that readers will struggle to put down. I love how engaging her quick-whipped writing style is, engulfing us readers in her ethereal world filling us with anticipation and intrigue! Gina Detwiler keeps Christian mythology ubiquitous, tailoring it into the essence of the narrative without ever making it feel like a sermon.  Gina Detwiler grips us immediately thrusting us on a thrilling journey filled with unforeseen challenges and perils lurking around every corner. I found it invigorating, the strength love gave Grace, who was only human. She was willing to face a multitude of dangers,  including Angel’s and demons alike, to save the man she loves from a terrible fate. Gina Detwiler seamlessly ties together enduring love,  a battle between good and evil, and a curse that must be broken that will delight and bewitch any reader.

Overall Forlorn by Gina Detwiler is an enthralling fantasy novel that kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. I love the way Gina Detwiler grasps us, ravenous readers,  compelling us further with impeccable characterizations, flawless details, and a riveting narrative that keeps the pages turning of their own volition! Once you pick up Forlorn by Gina Detwiler you won’t be able to put it down,  it will leave any reader needing to know if their love is strong enough to overcome the most unlikely of odds. Forlorn by Gina Detwiler is an enticing piece of literature I couldn’t help but get lost in until the surprising end, so of course I wholeheartedly award Forlorn five stars!

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Thank you for this review Aimee! I’m heartened to read that you didn’t feel the story became preachy. This is my goal and my prayer–that readers will not shy away from the book because of the Christian (though I prefer the term Biblical) content. The Bible has a very rich supernatural worldview that has been somewhat whitewashed by modern Christianity. Learning about it has given me a new perspective on how the spiritual world impacts our lives. But there is still so much to learn!

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