Ezrah’s Plateau, Jacqueline Mahan

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One hundred thirty-nine years ago, Maggie Morton found herself at the opposing end of a campaign to have her humiliated, ostracized and eventually hung for practicing witchcraft. She was buried in a shallow grave in the back of the local cemetery. Maggies lonely spirit walks restless in the cemetery as she continues to search for someone to believe her story and expose the truth behind her death.

Angela Horne is coming back to Ezras Plateau for the first time in over a decade. The town is throwing a weekend long celebration for her great grandfather Caleb, who rid the town of evil back in 1870 and offered it a direction of hope and righteousness. During her stay, she discovers a dust covered diary, over a century old, in the attic of her grandmothers house. As Angela reads, she learns that Maggie was not a witchshe was a scapegoat. Whats worse, someone else knows she has that diary and wants it, and her, put away for good.

Ezrah’s Plateau: Legend of the Cemetery Witch by Jacqueline Mahan is a horrifying mystery that will thrill and excite any reader! I was engrossed in the storyline from the premise, and I couldn’t put down Ezrah’s Plateau once I picked it up! I love how shocking the narrative is, perfectly building to an unforeseeable crescendo you won’t want to miss. That is why I already have to recommend that you lovely readers have a read of Ezrah’s Plateau, after all, it is the perfect time of the year for it!

Maggie Morton frantically walks the cemetery; she haunts the grounds waiting for someone,  anyone, to believe her story. One hundred and thirty-nine years ago, a campaign was launched against Maggie; she stood accused of practicing witchcraft.  She was laid to rest in a shallow grave in the back of the cemetery,  only after she had been humiliated and ostracized was she hung for the crime of witchcraft. Now Maggie Morton’s spirit wanders lonely waiting for someone to unveil the truth behind her murder.

Angela Horne’s great-grandfather Caleb banished evil from Ezrah’s Plateau in 1870, giving the town a righteous new hope and direction. It has been over a decade since she last returned.  While visiting for the weekend-long celebration honoring Angela’s great-grandfather,  Angela stumbled upon a dusty old diary in her grandmother’s attic dating back over one hundred years ago. As Angela Diggs deeper into the diary she learns Maggie Morton was no witch, just a victim.

Ezrah’s Plateau: Legend of the Cemetery Witch by Jacqueline Mahan is a nail-biting horror mystery novel.  I was on the edge of my seat needing to know how the mystery would unfold, I was shocked by each new twist and turn and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough! I love how spellbound I felt as Angela learned the truth behind her family’s deceptive legacy, all while my hair is standing on end as a deadly plot to silence Angela and keep the secrets buried in the past unfolds.

Jacqueline Mahan is an exceptional unparalleled horror mystery author. Jacqueline weaves together an intricate mystery laced in danger that I couldn’t get enough of! Once I lost myself in the tangled web of Ezrah’s Plateau: Legend of the Cemetery Witch I was bewitched by Mahan’s unpredictable narrative that flawlessly unravels a one hundred and thirty-nine-year-old mystery that someone wants to keep buried. Jacqueline Mahan has a fast-paced writing style that invites us, readers,  in and takes us on an unforgettable ride! Jacqueline Mahan keeps an ambiance of suspense brimming with chilling details and uniquely memorable characters which shows how incredibly talented she is as an author!

Overall, Ezrah’s Plateau: Legend of the Cemetery Witch is a haunting mystery that left me breathless! I was shocked and enamored by the air-tight storyline, impeccable characterization, and the nefarious and twisted plot.  Jacqueline Mahan has intelligently designed an exciting world that transports us,  fervid readers,  into the pages, looking over our shoulders as we uncover the truth that could release poor Maggie Morton from her graveyard March. Ezrah’s Plateau: Legend of the Cemetery Witch by Jacqueline Mahan is a remarkably thrilling piece of literature I thoroughly enjoyed being terrified by! So, of course, I emphatically award Ezrah’s Plateau: Legend of the Cemetery Witch by Jacqueline Mahan five stars!

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