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Mystery & Suspense, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

In this Seductive Psychological Suspense, a troupe in England braves threats by hecklers when performing the history of the rare gem, Moldavite. The meteoric stone, featured in legends of Shambhalla and Atlantis, is sought after for its supposed mystical properties. The charismatic hypnotist, Dune, made the troupe famous, especially his wife Susan, the star. Whenever actors become ill, Dune hypnotizes the standbys to believe they actually are the actors they replace on stage, to fool the discerning audience. When the curtain reaches the floor after the encore, the post-hypnotic suggestion always ends, and the standbys recall their identities.

Susan mysteriously disappears, so her standby, Miriam, takes her place. Miriam’s friend Colin clutches flowers in the audience, ready to congratulate her on the life-changing evening. He just that day kissed her for the first time. Will he become more than a friend that night?

He doesn’t get the chance. Before the curtain lands, with Miriam still believing she is his wife, Dune whisks her away to an alchemist’s castle: Dune has plans for an equinox ritual using the Moldavite elixir made there. Rumors say he is a secret agent, in a cult intertwined with the Nevermind and the Bennu troupe. In fact, Bennu is an ancient Egyptian flamingo deity, similar to the Phoenix, associated with initiation rituals that break down the identity and rebirth a person into a loyal member of a secret society.

Encore is a stunning piece of literature that enthralled, entertained and enchanted me from the very first page! Everything about this gothic suspense novel was exciting; the characters, as well as the setting the reader gets to experience and the incredible literature courtesy of the excellent Tantra Bensko, made me fall madly in love with this book. Encore is a piece of fiction that will captivate readers from all genres thanks to the many themes that are interwoven between the pages. This book can only be described as a read that should not be missed! If you are looking to read a book that will grasp your attention from the first page and hold it throughout then already I would implore you lovely readers to read this book because it is utterly brilliant!

Moldavite is a rare meteoric stone prized for its mythical properties dating back to legends of Atlantis and Shambhala. Charismatic hypnotist, Dune, leads his troupe through performances of the history of the extraordinary stone in England as they withstand the threats of hecklers.

To delude the audience, Dune commonly hypnotizes the standby to believe they are the actor being replaced.  The standbys recall their identity when the curtain touches the floor after the encore. Miriam replaces Susan, who is missing, as the lead role. Colin eagerly awaits the last curtain call clutching flowers in the audience. He kissed Miriam for the first time earlier today, and he hopes they will become more than friends.

Before Colin’s hopes can be realized and the curtain completes its final dissent of the evening, Dune dashes off with a hypnotized Miriam, still believing she is his wife, Susan, to an Alchemist castle. Dune has nefarious plans for the Moldavite elixir made in this castle, his intentions to complete an equinox ritual on Miriam with the elixir. Whispers say he is part of a cult interlaced with the Nevermind and the Bennu Troupe. Is there any hope Miriam can save her identity, or is it already too late?

The story of Encore is an incredibly dynamic, unique piece of work that took my breath away on more than one occasion, the pacing of this story was wonderfully written and plotted so that I did not get bored at any given time. Never once did I find myself referring to the page number and that is a sure sign that this incredible book is a compelling piece of work that draws the reader in and captivates them to read it quickly and to reach the end of the book very fast!

The excellent author of this novel, Tantra Bensko effortlessly takes the reader on a thrilling journey; Bensko’s words managed to keep me intrigued as well as entertained as I raced through this book. It is the kind of book that is impossible to put down, and when I had to I longed for it! I wanted to be reunited with the story I had grown to love and the characters I had become invested in.

Tantra Bensko is a talented and a well-accomplished author who has written an unforgettable novel that features heavily on its characters and themes. Bensko’s characters are super, they are believable, and their narratives jump right off the page and into the reader’s minds. This is another thing… Bensko has managed to create a vivid picture in my mind of this setting she has established. Her sometimes long, descriptive sentences, captured my imagination and made me turn the pages with haste! Tantra Bensko is a pure talent, and for that, she deserves all the recognition in the world.

To summarize my thoughts on the charismatic novel that is Encore; I would say if you are a reader who is tired of reading the same old books that are lackluster and forgettable then take a chance with this one because I promise you now that you will not be disappointed! This incredible book gets Five Stars from me!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much, I love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please comment below and let me know your thoughts on Encore. Do you see yourself reading this book? Do you love the genre? Please let me know your brilliant thoughts below and I will be sure to comment back. Thank you so much again for reading!

Goodbye for now book lovers,

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Tantra Bensko

I really appreciate the enthusiasm of this review! I wonder if any readers have ever seen Moldavite? It’s not a particularly impressive looking stone, though it does look translucent when held up to the light. The mythology about it referred to in the book is real history, and the speculations mentioned are also exist — such as the conclusion that the Emerald Tablet was written on Moldavite and was actually about Moldavite. It’s still popular today among people who believe the meteoric stone has mystical properties it can impart to them. It’s kind of amazing how much has arisen from… Read more »

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