On Desert Sands: Men on the Line, Teresa L. Arrowood

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When it came to romance, Sara Crowder thought that was a closed door to her. Having fallen for her high school sweetheart and marrying young, she thought she had a perfect life. But no one told her about the casualties of war. In the years since she had been widowed, she married once more, this time to a man who she soon realized was anything but loving. Having been burnt twice, she had no intention of falling in love again. That is until she went on a blind date.

Seated at a table at Sweet Ann’s, a Victorian Restaurant and lovers getaway, was the gorgeous man she had been set up with. At least that’s what Sara thought. The stranger greeted her and assisted her to the seat across from him.

Adam Grant, a military police officer, was on leave when his friends talked him into going to Sweet Ann’s for his blind date. Tall, dark, and ripped, he was any woman’s dream, but he had a rocky past. Being on desert sands didn’t make it easy for those left behind. One too many tours had left him with a fractured life and a destroyed family. Nightmares, and a love that had shattered long before it died, hung over him. One-night stands were fast becoming the norm until he met Sara. He couldn’t keep his mind or eyes off her, and soon they both find themselves entering a romantic relationship that neither of them anticipated. Join Adam and Sara as they are swept along a path that neither of them thought they would ever tread again.

On Desert Sands: Men on the Line is the type of romance I love to read and immerse myself in. On Desert Sands hosts a combination of all factors I love about literature; it has romance, beautiful prose, memorable characters and a core military theme that entertained me for hours on end. Readers that love military romances as well as romances that feature broken, but recovering characters will adore On Desert Sands… I most certainly did!

On Desert Sands is a moving novel that follows the beautiful protagonist, Sara Crowder, a woman who has experienced tumultuous relationships, the kind that will evoke emotions in its reader. Sara’s first love was her high school sweetheart however their marriage was cut short and Sara soon became a widow due to horrendous circumstances. Not giving up on love, Sara once remarried but the man she married was far from perfect and once again, Sara was alone… that is until she decides to go on a blind date.

Sara’s blind date is Adam Grant, a military police officer who struggles with his emotions and his PTSD that haunts him at night and detaches him from those he likes. Adam mostly keeps to himself but when he meets Sara on their blind date he is captivated by her beauty as well as her warm and inviting soul. The reader will have the pleasure of following Sara and Adam on their journey, will they make it as a couple or will Adam be another failed relationship for Sara? Read this gem of a book to find out!

The story of On Desert Sands is an emotionally charged one that will grab the reader by their chest and suck them right into the story. When I started to read On Desert Sands I was immediately impressed by the author’s fluid prose and the story. I felt myself becoming invested very early on and this is thanks to the excellent development of the storyline as well as the characters… particularly that of Sara Crowder.

Sara Crowder is a brilliant protagonist, one which the reader will be able to root for straight away thanks to her likability as well as her heartwrenching backstory that will surely evoke feelings in female readers. Sara is a woman who has experienced great tragedy and heartache and being a lover of love, this broke my heart and this is all thanks to the emotive descriptions courtesy of Teresa L Arrowood, the superb author of the talented On Desert Sands.

Teresa L. Arrowood is a sensational author who should be praised for her beautiful prose and her ability to create memorable characters. Arrowood is an emotive writer whose descriptions will move its readers; as well as this Arrowood also laces poignant themes throughout her book, themes such as loss and PTSD. As a woman who is married to a Marine, the topic of PTSD is significant to me and so I always love when an author explores it through a character in their book. In this case in On Desert Sands, PTSD is explored through the male protagonist Adam Grant and I have to admit, I am impressed by the accuracy of his PTSD. Arrowood has clearly made sure that she has invested time in the subject so that she can paint an honest portrayal of what it is like to live with PTSD as well as how those in the military change with war.

As On Desert Sands is a beautiful, poignant and captivating story that will move, charm and delight its readers for many hours, I have no choice but to award this stunning piece of romantic fiction a dazzling five stars!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much and love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please, comment below and let me know your thoughts on On Desert Sands; do you see yourself reading this book? Let me know all of those brilliant thoughts of yours below! Thank you so much again for reading!

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