Death on Canvas, Mary Ann Cherry

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While painting on location in one of her family’s hayfields, Jessie absentmindedly brushes a note of turquoise onto the canvas. Curious about what added the lovely spot of color, the artist walks over to discover a tennis shoe. The mate is still on the foot of a dying Native American girl crammed between the hay bales.

The story becomes more personal when old flame, Sheriff Russell Bonham, reveals that Amber Reynolds, a grad student writing a thesis for her art history major, was attacked while on her way to speak to Jessie’s family about two missing Thomas Moran masterpieces worth millions. The paintings disappeared nearly a hundred years ago from St. Benedict’s Mission School. Right after the unsolved murder of Jessie’s great aunt Kate.

Death on Canvas goes beyond what makes a great mystery novel; Mary Ann Cherry has truly created a world of beautiful art, history, and intrigue. I found myself completely engulfed in which the way both mystery and Art are blended together effortlessly.  As a diehard mystery fan, great characters that can be related to and genuinely cared about is important, and death on canvas does not fall short on truly amazing characters that I fell in love with and felt that I’ve known for years. To the diehard mystery fans like myself, this is a novel that should not go unread!

Jessie O’Bourne could have never prepared for the trail of murder she would follow from a simple thoughtless turquoise stroke of her paintbrush. She had returned to Sage Bluff to house sit for her father and was to judge an art competition. Amidst a blanket of yellow haystacks on her family’s land, Jessie found a pair of turquoise shoes on a dying Native American girl. Before dying, the girl manages to breathe a clue to her attacker’s identity; he was a cop. Things hit even closer to home when Jessie’s old flame, Sherriff Russell Bronham, informs Jessie the girl was coming to ask about two missing masterpieces worth millions. Two Thomas Moran paintings that had been missing for nearly one hundred years. These particular paintings went missing right after the unsolved murder of Jessie’s Great Aunt Kate. Jessie must team up with FBI art theft agent Grant Kennedy and Arvid Abrahmsen, a mountain of a Norwegian cop, to find the missing artwork and solve the murders. They must look through the past to find the killer.

Death On Canvas goes beyond your typical who-did-it murder mystery. Mary Ann Cherry beautifully weaves together an intricate world full of twists and turns you never see coming! Death On Canvas captures the very essence of true murder mysteries, and as I read it, I found myself constantly second guessing who I thought the murderer was. I love how history and art are perfectly woven into the fabric of the story itself! Death On Canvas takes us through the past to understand, not just the present murder, but also Jessie’s cruel legacy.

Mary Ann Cherry brings her artistic expertise and seamlessly weaves it into her world full of secrets from the past, mystery, and a nearly one hundred year long trail of murder. She never disappoints,  leading us down a thrilling journey of mystery and intrigue! Mary Ann Cherry kept me guessing until the very last page. She held her cards tightly only giving away small pieces at a time. I love how her fast-paced writing style kept the pages turning and the story unfolding. Mary Ann Cherry left just enough slack in her loose ends to send me running for Death at Crooked Creek!

Death on Canvas by Mary Ann Cherry is a perfect example of why mystery novels are so great. Mary Ann Cherry keeps you guessing each step of the way! Death on Canvas takes you down a path full of twists and turns to a long forgotten past. I couldn’t put Death on Canvas down! I love the vividly detailed descriptions which transported me into this thrilling world of mystery, art, and history. Death on Canvas has excellent characterization,  phenomenal plot development,  and an intriguing narrative that will captivate and thrill its readers so of course, I have to award this stunning piece of literature five stars! Be sure to have a read of the preview below book lovers and also keep an eye out for my spotlight for the incredible author which will be live soon!

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