Death in the Flowery Kingdom, Steven M. Roth

SHANGHAI, 1935. The Most Alluring and Most Dangerous City in the World

Someone is murdering flower-seller girls in Shanghai’s Flowery Kingdom. And it is police Inspector-Detective Sun-jin’s job — his obsession, in fact — to track down the killer and to  arrest him, all at great peril to himself and to the people he loves.

Sun-jin, as he investigates the murders and deals with his complicated personal life, takes us though the contrasting worlds of East and West in Shanghai — down the city’s dark alleys and streets, through its gritty, crime-infested, triad-controlled underworld, but also into the plush private clubs of its British expatriates and bureaucrats, into the world of popular nightclubs, jazz bands, taxi dancers, and gambling dens, where money and greed thrive, human life means little, and cultures and politics often collide.

Through Sun-jin’s eyes, as he investigates the murders, we see the best and the worst of this pleasure-mad, rapacious, corrupt, strife-ridden, licentious, highly cultured, enticing, and most decadent city in the world, in 1935.

Death in the Flowery Kingdom is an exciting, thrilling, and unique murder mystery that will take its readers to Shanghai, 1935, and is guaranteed to keep you hooked and intrigued from start to finish. There is much I love about Death in the Flowery Kingdom, which I will happily tell you readers in my review, but already I have to say that I adored how unique this book is amongst the murder mystery genre! I am tired of reading the same old predictable murder mystery books, so to read Death in the Flowery Kingdom, and be entertained by the unique themes from beginning to end, made me a very happy reader indeed! Death in the Flowery Kingdom is an excellent book, and already, I would recommend it, but if you need more convincing, then continue to read book lovers to find out more!

The story of Death in the Flowery Kingdom is one that is face-paced, poignant, thrilling, and above all, captivating. The story will take the reader back in time to 1935, Shangai, and will introduce the reader to the protagonist and star fo the novel, Detective Sun-jin, who has recently been tasked with finding a murderer. The murderer is unknown yet, and the murderer is killing flower seller girls in Shanghai’s flowery kingdom. The reader will follow Sun-jin as he tracks down the killer; however, this case is a tough one, which is making the detective’s existing issues in his personal life, become more aggravated. The result makes this book a raw, gritty, detective thriller, and this book lovers is the premise of the incredible Death in the Flowery Kingdom!

Death in the Flowery Kingdom is a book that intrigued me from the start and kept me thrilled from start to finish. What I adored about this book is the relentless twists and turns; they kept me hooked and entertained and turning the pages with haste until the end. The reader in Death in the Flowery Kingdom will struggle to catch their breath as they are thrown into the seedy criminal underworld of Shangai in the 1930s and it makes for an eye-opening, historically accurate, thrilling read that I would recommend to all! If you are a reader who adores nonstop action, poignant characters that you can sympathize with, shocking moments that will chill you to your core, and above all, phenomenal literature, then Death in the Flowery Kingdom is for you!

The author of the novel, Steven M. Roth, has done a fantastic job of transporting his readers back in time and throwing them into a story of murder and mystery. Roth’s novel is detailed, with the most descriptive sentences so that you will feel as if you are right there in the bustling markets of Shangai as well as in the dark underworld that will shock but thrill you all at once. What I adored the most about Roth’s literature is that he managed to grab my attention quickly and done so effortlessly. Roth’s literature will captivate you with his electric writing, enticing story, and phenomenal characters; he truly is a wonderful author who is clearly invested in the reader’s experience and making sure they never once get bored, and I most certainly did not!

Overall, Death in the Flowery Kingdom is an incredible, exciting, and thrilling novel that will shock and entertain you all at the same time. If you want to be taken on a journey back in time while also feeling thrilled, then I recommend you read Death in the Flowery Kingdom as it is one of the best murder mysteries/thrillers I have read in a long time. That is why I, of course, have to award this book five stars! So please do have a read of the preview below book lovers and also be sure to check out the author’s other books on Amazon as you won’t regret it!

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