Death at Crooked Creek, Mary Ann Cherry

Detective & Private Investigator, Mystery & Suspense, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

Jessie O’Bourne is delighted to be the invited guest artist at the Crooked Creek Art Expo held annually in Montana during March. Mother Nature is still blasting the area with snow and ice, however, so Jessie moves herself and her tomcat, Jack, out of her cold, but beloved motorhome, the Hawk, into the warmth and luxurious accommodations of the old log lodge hosting the art show. When Jessie discovers a dead body was hidden in the Hawk during her absence, she’s thrown into a complex murder investigation tied to the death of a teenager. Soon, threatening notes and tiny toy tractors are delivered to her door and she calls on her big Norwegian friend, Detective Sergeant Arvid Abrahmsen, and old flame, Sheriff Russell Bonham, of Sage Bluff, to help investigate. Surrounded by painters and sculptors, Jessie is horrified to think that one of her talented friends is a killer. FBI art theft agent, Grant Kennedy, arrives in Crooked Creek to attend the auction and joins forces with Arvid and Russell. Their goal is to find the murderer before the latest death threat slipped under Jessie’s door becomes a reality.

Death at Crooked Creek by Mary Ann Cherry is a stunningly vivid murder mystery novel I fell in love with immediately! Death at Crooked Creek is the spine-tingling second installment of Mary Ann Cherry’s exciting Jessie O’Bourne Art Mysteries series. Death at Crooked Creek by Mary Ann Cherry takes us, beloved readers,  on a winding path riddled with unforeseen twists and turns laced in exquisite beauty around every corner! I was enamored by the intricate and intelligently designed storyline that kept me breathless on the edge of my seat. Death at Crooked Creek by Mary Ann Cherry is a marvelous murder mystery novel that will entice any reader and keep them guessing and needing more!

Jessie O’Bourne and her grumpy ginger tomcat, king Jack Dempsey, hit the road in her beloved RV, she lovingly nicknamed Hawk and set out to Crooked Creek, Montana. Jessie will be the guest artist at the Annual Crooked Creek Art Expo. Jessie loves her small motorhome, Hawk, but with the snow and ice still coming down in March, she takes her tomcat and moves into the lodge hosting the Expo. Jessie discovers, while she has been enjoying her luxurious accommodations inside the lodge, a dead body was hidden in the Hawk. Thrust into a complicated murder investigation, Jessie O’Bourne calls her old friend, and mountain of a Norwegian man, Arvid Abrahmsen and, former flame, Sheriff Russell Bonham when threatening notes and toy tractors are delivered to her door. FBI art theft agent Grant Kennedy joins forces with Arvid and Russell to catch the cunning killer. Can Jessie and her team of friends unravel the mystery before the murderers latest death threat, slid under her door, comes to fruition?

Death at Crooked Creek by Mary Ann Cherry goes beyond your run of the mill “who-done-it” murder mystery novel with unique storytelling that should not be missed! Death at Crooked Creek by Mary Ann Cherry perfectly blends murder and art with an alluring narrative painted in hues of suspense that coalesce into a staggering crescendo. I love the characters of Death at Crooked Creek; Mary Ann Cherry breathes life into each character through their unique personalities that keep the pages turning of their own volition!

Mary Ann Cherry is an unparalleled murder mystery author; she weaves together an intoxicating elixir of beauty and suspense that I couldn’t get enough of! Mary Ann Cherry has an engaging quick-witted writing style that invites us, fervid readers, into her beautifully crafted world. Mary Ann Cherry never ceases to amaze; she captures the essence and timeless wonder of art captivating our consciousness in virtue of remarkable genuine characterization, flawless attention to detail, with a sophisticated and unpredictable narrative that will keep any reader guessing until the astonishing end! Mary Ann Cherry masterfully integrates her expertise as a notable artist into the fabric of the storyline itself, which shows what a radiant and talented author she is!

Death at Crooked Creek by Mary Ann Cherry is a riveting murder mystery novel that I immensely enjoyed! Once I opened the cover of Death at Crooked Creek by, the phenomenally talented author, Mary Ann Cherry, I transcended into a vivid world I couldn’t put down! Death at Crooked Creek by Mary Ann Cherry has an aura of ambivalence that intensifies the ever-growing sense of danger. Her talented friends and peers surround Jessie,  and one of them could be the murderer taunting her.  Death at Crooked Creek by Mary Ann Cherry is an outstanding piece of literature I emphatically and enthusiastically award five stars!

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