Creating a Healthy Life and Marriage, Judith Anne Desjardins

Guidebook and Textbook, Health & Well Being, NonFiction, Parenting & Relationships, Psychology & Counseling

Winner of 16 prestigous book awards in the United States and Canada, the message of this book is one of hope and optimism that we can improve ourselves and our relationships with others.

The material in this book was gleaned from Judith Desjardins’ personal journey of healing and transformation. Filled with insight into all the seasons of growth in relationships—childhood, teen years, young adult, mature adult, Judith provides a wealth of wisdom and practical self-help tools for solving the problems encountered in relationships.

This book is for young people who are dating and struggling to find their unique identity, single adults who aspire to a committed relationship, married couples, and anyone who wants a deeper, more meaningful relationship
with themselves.

It is practical and educational, inspiring and poignant. The unique holistic approach teaches people how to achieve balance with their body, mind, emotions and spirit. There are 21 full-color illustrations and an Index.

Creating a Healthy Life and Marriage: A Holistic Approach: Body, Mind Emotions and Spirit is a stunning, unique and memorable self-help guide that can change your life for the better. Maintaining a relationship and marriage is hard, growing up I always believed that relationships would be smooth sailing – I think a lot of people do – but it is only when you enter into a long-term relationship or marriage that you realize that actually, relationships are hard work sometimes. Relationships are like a house, you have to maintain, upkeep and work on your marriage/relationship to make it the best possible relationship. The premise of Creating a Healthy Life and Marriage is just that, a book that will provide you with the tools to create and maintain healthy relationships and a healthy life and the incredible author, Judith Desjardins will perfectly guide her readers through this. As I read Creating a Healthy Life and Marriage, I found myself instantly captivated by not only the premise but also Judith’s exceptional literature that is laced with wisdom, passion, and insight. Throughout the book, Judith will take her readers on an unforgettable journey, and this journey will provide you with the tools and insight to maintain and create a healthy life and marriage.

Judith Desjardins is an exceptional and talented woman who has written an excellent book that has won numerous awards thanks to the incredible wisdom laced throughout it and Judith’s outstanding writing. In Creating a Healthy Life and Marriage, Judith will share her ‘personal journey of healing and transformation’ and while she does she will guide and inform us along the way on what we can do to better our own life and personal relationship. Judith will install hope and optimism in her readers throughout every step of this book and she does this by providing her readers with the tools to solve problems encountered in relationships and everyday life. The book is so much more than a self-help relationship guide, instead, it is an in-depth look into what makes a relationship work and fail, and it goes far beyond just your relationship but also yourself.

Judith throughout Creating a Healthy Life and Marriage will also share that your relationship is significantly affected by your own personal issues and if these issues are not resolved, it can harm not only your relationship but also your own life. That is one of the many qualities I love and admire about this book because it goes beyond a relationship and also makes you evaluate your own life and how your personal issues could potentially harm your relationship. I think it is incredible that Judith explored this in Creating a Healthy Life and Marriage and Judith is the best person to do this thanks to her having over thirty years experience in these fields.

Judith Desjardins is a talented woman who has a wealth of experience and knowledge thanks to her career, but she also is incredibly talented for her beautiful literature that flows beautifully from start to finish. Judith has written her book in a way that is accessible to everybody as the book can be read by anybody of any age, and that is one of the many things I love about Creating A Healthy Life and Marriage because no matter your background or experience everybody can learn something from Judith’s book.

You may be thinking at this point that the book is only suitable for those that are married but it is not, it is also ideal for those in any relationship and even those that are not just yet because the book will provide you with the tools which can be practiced eventually when you do get in a relationship. The book also is not only just about relationships but rather yourself. This is because in Creating A Healthy Life and Marriage Judith recognizes the importance of peace within yourself and so she even helps readers with addiction, bad habits, finding your passion and overall becoming a happier person who is fulfilled with their life. All of this and so much more is explored in Creating A Healthy Life and Marriage, and so it really is a book that is perfect for everybody.

Overall Creating A Healthy Life and Marriage is a stunning, poignant and memorable self-help guide and so I have no choice but to award this incredible book five stars! So please book lovers, if you are a reader who is struggling in your relationship, have personal or relationship based issues and need some guidance on how to get back on track, then have a read of Creating A Healthy Life and Marriage because its wisdom courtesy of Judith will flawlessly guide and inform you from start to finish and will help transform your life.

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