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Like everything worthwhile in this world, the title of “dad” isn’t given—it’s earned.

Society hasn’t done a great job preparing men to raise daughters. That’s a shame, as daughters have a deep, often unacknowledged need for their fathers to take an active role in their growth.

In Claire’s Dad, author and father Shad Arnold offers an engaging look at the difference a father can make in his little girl’s life as she grows into a mature, responsible, and self-assured young woman. Using his own experiences as a touchstone, Arnold explores the principles and standards a father can model for his daughter.

While Arnold bases his parenting on Christian values, his advice is relevant to all fathers. You will be your daughter’s first impression of what she should expect of a man in her life. It falls to you to demonstrate the respect, love, and chivalry she deserves.

Finally, if you’ve truly earned the title of dad, you’ll receive your reward: watching your daughter mature into a loving, responsible young woman in charge of her own destiny. That’s what it means to be more than a father—that’s what it means to be a dad.

Claire’s Dad is an outstanding, inspirational and useful parenting book that will benefit parents and guardians. When I discovered Claire’s Dad, I instantly knew that it was a book I had to read. As a parent, I adore parenting books, and I think it is refreshing, as well as a necessity to read books from other parents so that ideas, thoughts, and opinions on how best to raise our children can be shared. The information courtesy of the talented author Shad Arnold laced throughout Claire’s Dad is enlightening, and practical. Throughout the book, I discovered information I had not known about before or thought of so already I would recommend Claire’s Dad. If you are a parent or guardian, then Claire’s Dad would be a brilliant and effective book for you and your family… so do not miss out!

Claire’s Dad is a phenomenal book written by Shad Arnold who throughout his book shares a new perspective on parenting from the fathers perspective. The book is technically aimed at fathers, but I am a mother, and I adored it and felt that the tips and techniques shared will benefit mothers too so do not be afraid to read this book if you are a mother. Shad in his book explains that society does not prepare men to raise daughters and it is true, society mostly prepares mothers so in his book Shad shares how fathers can best raise their daughters. Throughout the book, Shad will share how you can raise your daughter to be the best possible version of herself and the insight laced throughout the book is incredible and will help many fathers.

The knowledge and perspectives laced throughout Claire’s Dad were magnificent and what is even more excellent is that all of the knowledge is written by a fellow parent who has ‘been there and done that.’ Sadly many parenting books I have read are not even written by parents, which in my opinion is a tad absurd but Shad Arnold is a parent and most importantly in his book he shows the reality of being a parent. In other words, parenting is not sugar coated in Claire’s Dad, Shad explains to his readers that parenting can be difficult and he does this by showing his vulnerability as well as his personal struggles of raising a daughter which many men will relate to. However he also shares how he overcame that and raised her perfectly.

Claire’s Dad is an impressive book, but one of its many highlights is the fact that it is relatable as well as practical. Shad pours his heart, skills, knowledge, and wisdom into the book and because of this fellow parents will be able to relate to. It is refreshing to read a book that is transparent and shows the real side of parenting so on a personal note I want to thank Shad for this and for being so poignant and open with his literature.

Claire’s Dad is an interesting, incredible and informative book that will be useful as well as practical to families from all over so of course; I have to award this astonishing book five stars! If you are a parent or a guardian and are looking to read a book with fresh parenting strategies that is full of poignancy and tips galore then Claire’s Dad is the book for you!

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