Islands of Time, Barbara Kent Lawrence

Contemporary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Literature & Fiction, Women's Fiction

When Rebecca Granger falls in love with Ben Bunker she is only fourteen. In 1958 a summer girl is not allowed to love a year-round boy, son of a fisherman in Downeast Maine, and yet she does. When her father dies, loss and anger overpower her and she commits a sin, terrible at the time, … Read more

My Boat Is So Small, Ruta Sevo

Contemporary Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

Sonia, thrown by a broken mid-life marriage, flees to Sweden to stay with her friend Inge. Forty-nine, a professional woman in Washington, D.C., she’s run the gamut from open relationships to an attempt at a normal marriage with Ben. She’s failed to get love, sex, and respectability lined up. Inge’s had her own take on … Read more

Corryn’s Stone, T.L. Howard

Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Literature & Fiction, Women's Fiction

Mirah and Rasmun thought their work was done. The Choosing was accomplished and the world had been set right again. That is until Æyrebis, a mythical Caudex Anima and the same book that had driven Rasmun insane ten years ago, resurfaced. Unlike Mirah, Rasmun knows it isn’t merely sentient. He knows it harbors plans involving … Read more

Forever Cherished, Juliette Duncan

Christian Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

Sometimes, the hardest person to love is yourself… Now Tessa’s dream of living in the country has been realized, she wants to share her and Ben’s blessings with others, but when a sad, lonely woman comes to stay, Tessa starts to think she’s bitten off more than she can chew, and has to rely on … Read more

Nothing Is Predictable, Adalina Mae

Contemporary Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Women's Fiction

Zara is eight years old, her father, in a drunken rampage, accidentally shoots himself dead.   Her childhood memories leave her struggling with romantic attachments and hinder her from developing healthy relationships. Seeking answers, Zara meets a monk for her wisdom, and a gypsy for her insight, then travels across several countries, searching for answers.  … Read more

Bella Vino, Rania Mallouk

Contemporary Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

Whether it is the lush, fragrant fields of Bella Vino, her family’s vineyard, or the fast-paced New York City streets, Samantha Pierce navigates her worlds with equal grace. As tough as she is beautiful, she has taken the mom-and-pop operation to the international scene and built a reputation as a woman who is not to … Read more

The New Beginnings of Amelia Blake, Mirjana Fulir

Contemporary Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Women's Fiction

Amelia Blake has been through a number of things in her life that most average people would call failures: failure to live up to her mother’s expectations, failure to have a successful, monogamous marriage, failure to have children… Most people. Not Amelia. Her passion for life and all its passions takes much more than that … Read more