The Nesbit Bunch, Rob G. Lerner

Detective & Private Investigator, Humor & Satire, Mystery & Suspense, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

The Nesbit Bunch pulls together for the first time all three of the Nesbit novels. Each novel is complete and unabridged, and together they detail the saga of the American Interpol Agent Nesbit, his companion, the Scotland Yard Constable Tom Thwait, and the Scotland Yard Inspector Grace Sedgwick. The Nesbit Bunch is a collection of … Read more

Justifiable Homicide, Jeffrey Warren

Murder & Crime, Mystery & Suspense, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

The $500 billion-a-year illegal-drug-trafficking business has a secret relationship with seemingly legitimate bankers and mainstream financial markets which is exposed by a story in the press that reverberates on front pages around the world. The question that even legitimate investigators seem not to be asking is: “Where’s the Money?” Unlikely partners Jon Reynolds, PhD (computer-encryption … Read more

Horns of the Minotaur, David Ross Wood

Action & Adventure, Military Fiction, Mystery & Suspense, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

In an attempt to halt the rapidly escalating attacks on Minotaur Resource assets, the CEO of the company, George Pollard, instructs his Operations Manager to organize a strike force to work for Minotaur and deal with threats to company assets. He contacts Captain Thomas Ritter who has recently served in Afghanistan, to lead the team. … Read more

The Dark Room, Natalie Banks

Mystery & Suspense, Romance, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

Straight-laced Anna Walker finds herself in a steamy extramarital affair with a noir film photographer Alec Prentice. He’s sexy and irresistible, drawing her into his world of sex and seduction. But soon, his bad boy ways and her guilty conscious consume her and push her to end the affair abruptly. Not long after ending the … Read more

The Actress, Michael Hicks Thompson

Christian Literature, Detective & Private Investigator, Mystery & Suspense, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

Early 1960s. The most famous actress in America, Tallulah Ivey, is in the Mississippi Delta to film a controversial move. A prominent local citizen is shot and killed outside her bedroom window. A note is found clenched in the dead man’s hand. The note holds the key to Ivey’s guilt or innocence. Was it self-defense? … Read more

The Devil’s Eye, Matthew S. Cox & J.R. Rain

Detective & Private Investigator, Fantasy, Horror & Occult, Supernatural & Paranormal, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

Detective Madeline Wimsey tends to stand out with her wild red hair, pentacle amulets, and offbeat methods, but she has a tool few other cops use―magic. Maddy knows the universe wants to balance itself out, so she isn’t above tossing around a spell or two whenever a killer’s karma needs a little nudge in the … Read more

Catari, Karl Larew

Murder & Crime, Mystery & Suspense, Supernatural & Paranormal, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

A young American man travels to Lombardy, Italy, to attend a funeral. Immediately, he becomes involved in a puzzling case of what may have been murder. At the same time, he and his female companion experience ghostly hauntings, especially in or near a swimming pool in a very elderly nobleman’s villa. Catari is an incredible … Read more