Off Season, Clive Fleury

Mystery & Suspense

Detective Ramesh Ryan’s career with Sydney’s prestigious Organized Crime Unit is on the up, until he loses a court case against the city’s most powerful drug dealer. In disgrace, the detective is relocated to the tiny Australian beach town of Barton. It is off-season in Barton-when its few criminals usually take a well-earned rest. But … Read more

Gallery of Gangsters, William J. Cook

Mystery & Suspense

The stunning conclusion of The Driftwood Mysteries again pits Native American detective Charley Whitehorse against Russian crime czar Vasily Volkov. As Joe Kilgore of The US Review of Books said in his review of Dungeness and Dragons, “Whitehorse versus Volkov becomes Holmes versus Moriarty.” And Gallery of Gangsters is their final confrontation. The stakes could … Read more