The 24 Laws of Storytelling: A Practical Handbook for Great Storytellers, Jonathan Baldie

Education & Teaching, NonFiction, Reference

IT’S TIME TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR STORIES Stories have a unique power to immerse, delight, and educate. So why do some stories work and others fail? The 24 Laws of Storytelling distils the lessons learned from stories past and present into a practical handbook that you can use for any story you decide to write. This … Read more

Going Off The Grid: The How-To Book Of Simple Living And Happiness, Gary Collins

Civilization & Culture, Education & Teaching, Guidebook and Textbook, Health & Well Being, NonFiction, Reference, Self-Help & Motivational, Survival & Emergency

Is city life fencing you in? Break free of the daily grind with off-the-grid solutions for a simpler, stress-free tomorrow. Are you overworked and overcrowded? Do you dream of dropping off the radar? Do you crave the peace of mind that only nature can provide? Fitness and military intelligence expert Gary Collins has helped thousands … Read more

10x Your Life, Kit Ryan

NonFiction, Psychology & Counseling, Reference, Self-Help & Motivational

Most of us are setting ourselves up for failure without even knowing it. I know because I lived it. In this book, I share the simple techniques I used to transform my life from a series of failures to becoming the CEO of three successful companies.  If you are tired of watching your dreams slip … Read more

Help! I’m Stuck: 10 Strategies To Push You Through To Achieving Success, S.R. Roberts

Business & Finance, Guidebook and Textbook, NonFiction, Reference

What’s stopping you from achieving success? Fear? Have trouble focusing? Limiting beliefs? This book addresses all of these challenges and more! “Help! I’m Stuck: 10 Strategies To Push You Through To Achieving Success,” allows you to be honest with yourself and preps you on how to become better at following through with your goals. It breaks down what it takes to go … Read more

Bring You Home Again, Jonathan Geraci

Christian Living & Devotional, Guidebook and Textbook, NonFiction, Reference, Religion & Spirtuality, Self-Help & Motivational

Have you ever felt stressed and overwhelmed? Have you struggled just to make it through another day? Have you wondered if you can really count on God to help? God’s desire is to bring you home again. His wants to bring you back to His ideal for you.  This interactive book is a 31-day journey … Read more

50 Things to Know About Being a Working Mom, Summer Anderson

Business & Finance, NonFiction, Parenting & Relationships, Reference

Are you a mom who feels pressured into being home when you enjoy going to work? Why is having a job important for many women, including yourself? Do you struggle with making time for yourself, your home, your spouse and your kids because you hold a job?  If you answered yes to any of these … Read more

Wall Street Kitchen, Victor Chiu

Business & Finance, NonFiction, Reference, Self-Help & Motivational

This award-winning, multi-genre book by author Victor Chiu combines sound business analysis provided by his mother, along with some down-to-Earth delicious recipes written in a slightly whimsical yet fundamentally educating style. Mrs. Chiu, an autodidact, gained experience with stock market investing and enjoyed sharing her revelations with her son, along with the latest delicacies from … Read more